Interview with JaySpex

JaySpex - Car

Late last year your released your latest single Get Away feat. AnDel,are you happy with the success of the distribution and the success with your listeners in support of the track?
To begin with the record ‘GetAway” was my first independent release so I wasn’t expecting anything crazy from the general audience, However me and the team are working towards gaining more exposure and followers in the Edm/Pop world. But to answer your question , I was happy with the way the record came out & we did get a lot of support from friends, family and different people, the track really spread by word of mouth in the Los Angeles  area. 

While laying the original platform for the single how did you decide in which direction and overall sound to go with?
The platform was created around the modern pop/edm record with a twist, & i wanted each part of the song to really differentiate from each other, and have a specific sound to spark a certain emotion. When creating music i tend to create with no boundaries, & don’t really pay attention to what genre I’m necessarily aiming for, if the ” shoe fits, i wear it “. I love to portraying multiple genres in one song, that has always been my approach to creating music in general &, not just ” getaway”. But the whole concept was based around a very tropical/trap sound, with the flutes in certain areas, and the trap drums in the verses.

How did the collaboration with AnAel happen in the beginning?
The collaboration between me and AnDel just came naturally, in the beginning we were somewhat having trouble finding a sound that would fit both of our characteristics as artists, but over the course of a year, of hard work, and getting to know each-other not just as artists & creatives, but as friends we found a new sound together. Which i feel is why we connect so well on some our records. 

What benefits with the collaboration did you see while creating and recording “Get Away?”
I would say the biggest benefit was being able to learn from each other and how we can come to work together as artists. 

How difficult is it for you to choose what instruments, and different products to use for Get Away and also your other songs? Are you able to share just a small or entire list of instruments and other musical products that you used?
It all depends on the Song when it comes to the sounds and instruments we use. for instance one of my tracks ” the odyssey ” ( ) majority of the songs main lead was with bells. Some of the instruments i used in” getaway” however were flutes, and a variety of plucks to give that ambient tropical sound. 

Now still going on the instrumental side of things how did you choose what sounds and effects to feature in the track? Did you have a couple of different sounds/effects that you wanted to use but didn’t?
We were  going to add a very distorted version of angels vocals on the bottom but decided the cleaner the better. I’m learned in most production the hardest thing to as a producer is knowing when to stop in a record. 

What links can people hit up to buy the track? And also your Social links?