Jaded Past Interview

Nearing the ending of 2016 you released your latest album titled Believe. Are you happy with the results and positive feedback that you have received thus far?
I am very happy with the results. I have received nothing but positive feedback across the country and in Europe. I couldn’t be more proud of this record.

Now that you have a chance to look back on the album is there anything that you would like to change about the album?
Not a thing.

How does your current live lineup for band members reflect your original sound and overall outlook for each song on Believe?
My current line-up does every song that we play live justice. The overall original sound and vision remain true within the live shows.

With Believe you took on a big time producer how do you feel this affected to outcome for the album? What processes do you feel went a lot smoother? Did you find any part of the recording and writing a little more difficult with the extra input?
My producer Steve Brown (Trixter) is not only a great asset to my overall vision in the studio , he has been a friend for a long time. Having someone producing that knew my vision and what was in my head made the process easier and feeling good. My process is the same, no matter who is producing but with Steve it was easier to bring out my inner core.
Extra input in the studio process never makes recording more difficult. A set of outside ears and extensive knowledge brings out the best in the artist. As for the writing part , that is all me true to form. I show up with a stripped down completely written acoustic version and I build on it from there.

As you are planning on branching out to different cities and areas with the release of this album is there a certain city or market that you are hoping to make an impact in ?
I am in the process of routing short weekly tour runs throughout the United States and possibly Canada at the moment and have talks for Europe in mid 2018. My team and I are targeting big cities as well as small towns, anyone who accepts Rock n Roll.. lol

Shopping the album around the commercial radio land have you had any luck? Has it been discouraging at all?
Well, in this day and time , shopping commercial radio is never an easy task. I have had some luck, but without a huge “radio marketing” budget it’s not easy. I have had some luck in small markets , but I Never Give Up, so plan on hearing Jaded Past on the radio soon.
Why would it be discouraging? I have the best job in the world and I am thankful everyday I play music for a living. It would be awesome to have my songs on every major market commercial radio station but , one day at a time. So No , I don’t get discouraged.

As you sat down and wrote “Be My Lady” did you happen to have Poison playing in the background?
LOL. wow… No not at all.
Wrote that song in many different pieces actually. And aside from the first two chords played , nothing like the Poison song I think you are referring to.
But in all seriousness, I am influenced by many artists, Steven Tyler , John Bonjovi, Bret Michaels, Elton John , Etc Etc …. So of course my influences come out in my writing.

Where can people get themselves a copy of Believe?
Jaded Past Believe can be found on ITUNES, Amazon, Almost Every Internet Media Outlet…. or Best found at www.jadedpast.com