Jonesin’ And The Hurt Interview

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I have to say right away that you guys have a sweet band name! How did you guys decide on the band name? I’m going to put my money on you guys were out for a weekend bender and it came to ya Sunday or Monday morning
Originally Ralph had an idea for the band name in Montreal a couple of summers ago. At that point it
was crude and vulgar, but hilarious none the less. Anyway, we sat on the joke name for a couple weeks
(which I can’t repeat) and manipulated it into Jonesin’ and the Hurt. While we didn’t come up with the
name on a bender in particular, you are right as to the meaning of the name. Usually we describe
Jonesin’ as the draw to a party, lust or an addiction. The Hurt comes from the consequences of said
party and the commonly negative outcome of crazy decisions. The name to us feels light hearted but
with dark undertones, similar to our direction in songwriting.
You guys have recently released your first video for the song “Concerta” What was the decision to use this song as your first video?
We used “Concerta” because it fit perfectly with the Clarke wedding footage. The feeling the images
give the viewer connect really well with the concept and direction of the song. It feels uncomfortable at
times but for some reason you like the feeling it creates. The footage of Ralph’s grandfather dressed as
a woman also ties in with our songwriting as we often write about transgender and many other gender
issues. It just felt right, even though “Concerta” can be classified as one our less easy listening tracks.
What is the story behind the video? 
 The story behind the video follows four or so narratives. We show a wedding scene, a travel scene, a
Nashville trip, and various dark parties. The main character is my Grandfather and it displays his
fictional relationship to each narrative and how his partying led him into a dark adventure.
Was it tough to mix in all the home movies for the video?
At first mixing all of the footage together was easy. Jack Choi and I picked scenes we thought we
wanted to use and it started off without any trouble. It grew harder toward the end of the video because
we had to try our best to wrap up each fictional narrative without over repeating sections.
You released your album back in February has the album reached any of the expectations you had for the album?
We didn’t really know what to expect in regards to the album releasing. We hoped everyone who
listened to it would enjoy and share it. So far we are happy with how it turned out and we are trying to
get it into as many hands as possible. We sold over 300 physical copies and continue to push those at
our shows as well. Online the album seems to be doing pretty well too. We are excited for more people
to hear it!
Your album has a unique sound including alternative, garage, Rock and Blues who brings each sound to the songs?
We all bring the diverse genre writing to the table, however Ralph and I write songs separately and play
them together no matter where the songwriting is going. Often, this leads to a blend of folk, indie/rock
among other elements. Stan and Cam are both musicians involved in different projects including hiphop
and world music so a lot of different sounds surface when the band arranges the music together.
Ralph and I also write our songs on acoustic guitars which influence a singer-songwriter feel in most of
the arrangements. At first I was worried that a chaotic mash up of genre writing would be confusing to
the listener, but as we progress the chaos is becoming a trademark of the band’s sound.
How difficult is it writing songs with such a wide variance in sound such as you have?
It has never been difficult because we don’t worry about the genre direction the music is going in. Our
first album demonstrates a variety of influences that just came out as we wrote and recorded it. It is still
happening in our newer music but we are finding it easier to connect the genres and make a unified
sound. The difficult part is making sure we keep it fresh and original.
How does the album transfer over to the live show?
From what I have heard the audience tell me is that our live show and album are very different. Our
album has a relaxed and laid back vibe. I have been told and I know for a fact we get much wilder
playing live. We often change the way we play the songs and go for a interesting performance rather
then just laying back on the music. I guess you can say the album really portrays the folk songwriting
style of the music and our live show really brings our rock side. We actively try to have fun while
playing live and involve the audience. Being yourself on stage is what really makes the live
performance interesting and I guess as we get more experienced you can hear that difference from the
Are there any songs that you leave off from the live show from Why Not?
Songs that we have been leaving out lately are Thief on the Moon, Maggie, Went to the Park. We are
going to start integrating these songs into our set list again as people enjoy hearing them live and they
are fun to play. We took them out for a while because we started playing new music, but they’ll find
their way back into there sometime.