Kennan Moving Company Interview

A couple of months ago you released your latest video for your song Charades, are you guys happy with the response media and fan wise so far? 
Oliver Kennan (OK): Ya, definitely! People don’t always understand the video, but  it sticks in their mind once they see it and that was definitely part of the goal. We wanted to make a video that people would really want to watch in full and show to their friends.

In a bit of a short tense what is the story behind the video?
OK: The video is really a commentary on the hyper-sexualization of American culture. It’s about two young lovers navigating their sexuality and the affect that the outside world is having on how they think it’s supposed to look or feel. There’s so much overblown and unrealistic sexual content that we’re exposed to in movies, TV , advertisements, music, porn, Instagram. etc.. that it’s not very surprising why so many people have unhealthy and unrealistic expectations and relationships with their sexuality. We just wanted to explore that in a way that was both dark and light, scary and funny all at once.

Do you feel that the final cut of the video represents the song the way you wanted it to or was there a different story or idea that you wanted to cross your audience with?
OK: The lyrics to the song actually tell a very different story about an experience I had with a young woman. It’s all about the uncertainty and unspoken hints that occupy that early time in a flirtation. When I played the song for Bennett Krishock, the director of the music video, the lyrics gave him this totally different vision of the story which eventually became the video. I love that he had a different interpretation of the story so I tried not second-guess that feeling.

Were there any difficulties with getting everyone involved with the storyline of the video?
OK: Not really, we worked with our friends for the most part. It was interesting to try and explain this concept when we we’re looking for a lead actress, but Alyssa Paul, who was the female lead, was very professional and unafraid. It was great to work with an actual actress, because my acting skills are fairly non-existent.

You guys have released a few videos now, which video was the most interesting video to make and which video did you have the most fun creating? 
OK: Charades was definitely the most fun to make because of a bunch of reasons. First, we had more of a narrative for it than we’ve ever had before. That made it a lot easier to figure out how all of the scenes should feel and relate to each other. We also had a full crew of NYU film school students working on it which was awesome, they are all so professional and knowledgable. Lastly, Bennett is a really talented guy and a natural leader so I had a lot of trust in him to pull off the video.

Do you have any plans for any future videos? Where can people purchase the single Charades?
OK: Bennett and I actually just started to talking about a concept for a new video, but it will be very different. That’s all I can say about that for now. “Charades” can be purchased on iTunes and streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud. It will also be on our upcoming New Colors – EP that is coming out in early March. Keep an ear open!