Luther Wright Interview

cover-artOn Friday night at the Musiikki Café you are set to play your vinyl Release
Show for your brand new album titled Hearts & Lonely Hunters. What made the
Musiikki the choice venue for the vinyl Release?
My mother and her friend owned and ran the Brock Street Gallery at that
location for great 10 years in 80-90’s. They represented a wide array of
local artists and really were joyous about their work.  I am very happy the
space has been transformed into a music venue.  Ma would be proud. I wish
we could have played in the courtyard this summer but it didn’t come

What should your fans and locals expect for the vinyl release show?
As it’s a smaller space well scale down the rock sound for a more roosty
version of the newer material. Fiddle, accordian, drums,  bass, guitar and
lots of singing.  A smoking band.  We’ll play a few sets and mix up songs
from our other albums and also feature Tara the fiddler on a few tunes.

The album is quite a mix of songs and sounds, “Elvis” was a song that stuck
out on the album for me. With having such an array of tracks spanning from
your twist of Country Roots/ Alt Roots,  and all the way to what I would
call experimental pop/rock were the songs which were placed on the album
all meant and written for  Hearts & Lonely Hunters or did you dig up a few
previously written tracks?

We did record two songs that were written a while ago. The opening track
Black Mark was never recorded so producer H Chris Brown and I messed around
with the arrangement until we hit on it.  And Elvis was recorded before in
another band I had with my brother but it’s a shredder rock version so we
cane uo with a synthetic pop version.  Everything else was written/chosen
for H & LH

While placing the tracks on the album, was there a formula involved? Or did
you simply place the tracks where you seemed fit?

I envisioned vinyl from the beginning so it’s sequenced pop rock side A and
roots country side B

You have a few guests which appear on Hearts & Lonely Hunters how did the
guest collection of guests work out on the album? Also was there anyone
that you wanted to appear on the album that you couldn’t grab this time

It’s pretty much the Wrongs and extended family that we have worked with on
albums, shows and projects over the years. Tielard from Sheehan & Lotus
lives on Wolfe isle and came by a few times, lent me his new banjo and did
some fiddling.  The Holmes Brothers are friends of producer Brown’s and he
was doing a session with then in Virginia and played them Front Porch and
they agreed to sing on it, which is a great honour.  Sarah sings on pretty
much every ‘ Wrongs album because she’s our sister from another mister. The
NYC Dudes we’ve worked with over the years, especially Tony Scherr. He
plays with us down in NY when we can get him. Heavy player and a killer
songwriter himself.  We cover his song ” While you were gone”.

You are coming off another cross Canada Tour, how did the tour go this time

Fantastic! Rueben deGroot & Colleen Brown and I teamed up and shared a band
that combined members of each of our bands. Colleen sang with all of us
because she’s amazing.  The shows were a gas and we played 18 in 20 days
from Kingston Vancouver, back to Regina, Edmonton. Then I flew back from
Edmonton after a festival and those cats are just getting home now. Canada
is rather big, eh…

How do you find Canadians take to your brand of Country Music especially
between each Province?
Oh, I’d say it goes over well. We often hear, “country music is not my
thing, but you guys were great “.  Which I think is because they only hear
new country on the radio. Which is a peculiar take on what the Carter
family, Hank Williams, and the greats made popular.

Where can people pick up a copy of Hearts & Lonely Hunters ?

At the show Friday night!  And you can order directly from us (and all our
albums)  at