Matt U Johnson Interview

You have recently released the remix for your single My Life, accompanying the single you also released a lyric video for the track as well. Now that the remix of the single has been out for almost a month less a week, how has your fans taken to the remix?
So far my fan base has taken to it nicely, they still love the positive message and vibration of the track even though i have taken more of a EDM twist to it.

How many different versions of the remix did you lay down before you settled on the final version?
I had quite a few different versions, two from my swedish producer Dj Nova and one from beacon hill studios here in El Paso, Texas before making a final decision.

How difficult has been the push and advertising the My Life remix to International and Club Dj’s?
The process of pushing it is still on going i have reached out to all the people who previously loved the track Overseas in Europe and nation wide and the west indies. So that makes things a bit easier, there is still more marketing to do.

While playing in Festivals and smaller shows throughout your career, have you had that one life changing moment onstage? Or is there a moment that will stick in your memory throughout the rest of your career and beyond?
There was one major show i did called Minerpalooza co headlining for the cataracs where there was 25 to 30 k in people and it was life changing and awesome seeing that many people enjoying my music. It is so cool that music is a universal language, that brings all together as one.

What do you think that it takes for a artist such as yourself to stick and stand out beyond every other artist and musician that you are currently up against?
I feel for an artist to stick out it takes a unique vibe and nitch about the individual themselves or something unique and defining about the music.

Your Never Give Up – EP has been out since 2015, beyond the remix of My Life, is there any other track that you plan on putting a remix on possibly remixing the entire album?
I currently have another up coming release soon called hands up that i will have a remix as well which will feature hip hop artist mann, thats a great international track and remix to look out for. Pure feel good vibes on that tune.

Currently are you writing any new material for a new Ep or possible Lp?
I am currently working on writing new material yes, stay tuned for more great releases this year and look out for an Ep.

Where can people pick up and check out your singles and previous works?
People can check out my singles and previous tunes on iTunes,Spotify, Reverberation,Soundcloud, Youtube, and Vevo. @Mattujmusic on most platforms and Matt U Johnson.