Melanie Peterson Releases Brand New Single Santa’s Sleigh with Interview

Melanie Peterson

Just a couple of days ago you released your brand new single and in time for the Holiday Season with a song titled Santa’s Sleigh. How exciting is it for yourself to have a brand new Holiday Song out?
It’s extremely exciting! I hope to release a new holiday single every year until I have an albums worth of holiday material, or at least an EP!

Did you find the process of writing the song tedious at all or did the lyrics come to you quite easily?
I never find songwriting tedious. It’s one of my favorite things to do with my time, and the lyrics came quite easily. I sort of chipped away at it a little every day until I felt it was done.

Originally did you set out to write a new Holiday Song or did the song just come to life while writing?
I did set out to write a holiday song. I always set myself little challenges as a songwriter, to keep things interesting. Like writing one song a month, come hell or high-water. So when I began the holiday song it was simply, OK, for my song this month I’m going to try a Christmas song!

For the single you also brought along Producer Chris Birkett to work on the track, how did his input and help affect the song? Did he veer away from your original vision or did he put the song together the way you envisioned?
Well I came to him with two potential holiday songs to record. With his input we chose to record Santa’s Sleigh as opposed to the other option. He lowered the key from D to C (a more festive key)and added a few chord changes to the chorus to give it more movement. He put the song together in the way I had envisioned, and even added sleigh bells, which I had asked for.

Along with the single you have also released a video for Santa’s Sleigh as well, Which is posted just below. Can you tell me a little about the video?
The video was shot very simply, in my living room, with my friend Nick Lim doing the camera work and later the editing. We had hoped to cut in clips from the actual recording studio but the lighting in the studio was too dark, and so the footage could not be used.

You also have the single release party coming up on the 10th of December at Sauce on The Danforth, along with hearing the single live what else should people expect at the show?
They should expect to hear songs from my debut album Unbreakable, songs from my recent release Anywhere From Here, a few new tunes I wrote while away on my Via Rail tour to Vancouver, other original holiday songs I have written over the past few years, a beautiful holiday song my guitarist Mitch Girio wrote called On Christmas Eve, a few Christmas standards folks can sing along to and perhaps Mitch will do his famous Sleigh Bell solo, if we are lucky!

Where can people purchase a copy of the single online?