Pony Girl Interview

pony girlYou just released your brand new video for Candy today via Exclaim, how excited are you guys for the release of the video?

Very excited. It’s nice to be able to finally share some of the things we’ve been working on with others!

What is the correlation between the music and the music video?
The song lyrics are about making love. It’s all about passion and physicality. But the song itself is pretty chill – I would even say sedated. That contrast can be used to explore some more complex emotions or human behaviours. For example, hot sex meets a sleepy song could be seen as both the proximity and distance technology creates – especially in romantic relationships. Otherwise, I wanted to the lead the viewer into a stereotypical girl meets guy scenario. The sort of narrative that is unrealistic but because we’ve consumed it so many times – in so many forms – we actually find it familiar and “normal”. At the end of the day, it’s just someone who wants pizza.
Do you believe that the art form between your music and what is presented in the video corresponds within the viewer’s initial reaction, or do you feel that it may yield in further and multiple viewings of the video to observe and perceive your original artistic meaning?

Good question. I think it depends on the viewers experience and personal bias. It’s definitely open to interpretation. The message in our music is very intentional and our visuals are often consciously exaggerated. I can only hope you get a sense of that while listening/watching. We have the most respect for our listeners and we are just inviting them for the ride.


Are you planning on teasing and or releasing any further material before the tour begins or before you release the album  Foreign Life on November 7th?

Yes! Honestly I can’t wait. Each track is very different sonically. I’m curious to know what you think.


Your first tour stop is actually in Kingston, is there any special reason for using Kingston as your first stop on Tour? As you did have a pleasant turn out last year when you played the Mansion.

When we start a leg of shows we always seem to play Kingston first. It’s a weird coincidental ritual. It just happens that way and we couldn’t be happier.


What should your fans and audience at the Mansion expect to hear on Saturday September 12th?

Music from our new record, Foreign Life. We also have a new arrangement for a track we’ve never played live before from our first record, Show me your fears.


Can people get a sneak tour copy of Foreign Life before the November 7th release date?

100% of the people who come out to one of our fall dates will.


Now being that you take a confiding artistic approach to your music compared to mainstream music do you believe/feel that your more genuine approach pushes yourself and all of Pony Girl into a more stressful situation when it comes to the writing be it either lyrically or musically?

It’s always nerve racking to share very personal experiences with others. Especially in front of an audience. At the same time, I find confidence in being honest with myself and ultimately others. Working with ideas that are close to our hearts, hopefully, let’s us be musically generous and inviting with our listeners.
Going on the same point as above, How do your songs evolve from the original Point/Idea do you use the same systematic approach for each song or do you let your artistic ingenuity take over and flourish the song into a complete unknown from the original idea?
There is no formula. The only trend so far is that every record is written differently and will continue to be. Our new record, Foreign Life, was on the back burner for a long time. Some of the first sounds were tracked in 2011/2012. It’s interesting to see how your attitude changes towards something with a bit of time. Usually you would create something in the moment and later feel objective towards it. This time around, we’ve had time to be objective with our objectivity. I wouldn’t say it’s a better way to create. It’s just the way we chose this time.