Ryan Gollogly Interview

Short Interview with Ryan Gollogly

Today I had the chance to talk to Ryan Gollogly from Fugitive Underground about his recent recording session at the Bathouse Studios.

How did you get Jeff Burrows from The Tea Party on the recordings?
What was it like recording in the Bathouse Studios?


Threatened the life of his child Nick lol
no, seriously, Ive know Jeff for almost a year now, & I just asked if he would possibly be interested,
& he said – ya, if i like the songs…so i sent him the 5 tracks in question & the rest is history!

The surroundings were great, both the Bathouse, & the people i was working with made it the best
possible session it could have been, & we came out of it with no regrets!

Nick Burrows (Jeff’s son) came along for the session, “to get some homework done” lol & happened
to be playing the piano when we were mixing the song, “Frozen Solid”
I just loved how it fit! So we layed that down, & it makes the song complete for me
(Check out his band The Indecent)

I played through a splitter box, allowing me to use two amps @ all times, I used my Messa Boogie,
& a little amp called “Bernie” that The Trews used for their whole album…only a few exist,
& its one of the many Bathouse gems!
its just a small vintage speaker box, with 2 volumes but it gets a great sound!! “it has teeth”

Bill played through a 1960’s Ampeg Tube amp, & Jeff played on a 1966 Ludwig kit, because
we all just loved the unique sound the vintage gear was getting!

It was an amazing experience to play live off the floor @ The Tragically Hips Bathouse with these two great musicians!
Bill nailed all of his bass lines first take, & Jeff played some amazingly tasty drum tracks on these songs!
One song in particular was brought to life by his style being added to the mix…
& when all was said & done, it ended up being the song we all felt was @ the top of the heap, of a pile of very strong songs!