The Adversary Interview

What should listeners expect to hear in the full version of the song?
This song is about allowing oneself to believe- in yourself, in the world, in the future. The finished version of this song combines a feeling of soaring and flight with the gritty tech energy of the future.

Is there a full video coming out for the song as well?
Absolutely. We’re very excited about it.

As you record the vocals how did you decide to record them the way you?
Maintaining the combination of complete presence and honesty with technical exactness needed for vocal recording is a bit of a tightrope. But to me, you have nothing without complete emotional honesty, so that’s always the most important part to focus on.

As a electronic producer how do you keep challenging yourself to extend and go above a seemingly endless array of Electronic Music?
I’ve always been first and foremost a singer-songwriter. I think that the combination of real songs with the sounds of tech, house, and future-oriented dance music is a bit of a place by itself. I also have a number of deejay friends who are very much pushing the envelope, and they keep me inspired.

How do you choose who you are going to collaborate with as each project approaches?
Part life experience, part storytelling. A place I’ve been, something I’ve seen, a song I’ve heard -these things inspire the direction I want to go in and therefore the types of people I’m looking for. But more than anything else, I believe that every song is a story, and that whomever I work with must see the same story I see with the song.

Gathering your experience over the years how have you expressed your experience into your upcoming release?
In sound and message. My experience delving deeper into the Burning Man and dance music worlds has led me to believe in the power of this genre of music and its ability to bring people together. At the same time, I missed a human element to it. My goal with this music has been to combine these two facets to build a new bridge between the electronic and the human. Similarly, the songs all focus on the theme of how we can find better ways to connect with each other in our technological modern world.

How do you know yourself when a track is complete?
When it tells me it is. If every song is a story, then every song can be told in many ways. The question is when this particular telling is complete.

Recording to live, which do you prefer?
Both, for different reasons. Recording to me is like painting with sound in four dimensions. You build any given moment in the track using whatever colors and shapes you want to use, but you also have the benefit of having something that progresses and changes through time. Live performance is direct connection, performers and audience channeling something to come together and make a larger entity bigger than the collection of people

Do you ever find yourself digging back into previous tracks and lifting different ideas to form a new track?
Absolutely. One track that I had been working on for a year and a half recently got completely torn to shreds to make one of the upcoming tracks.

Picking your gear to record with and play how do you make this difficult decisions each time?
There’s a subtle mix between trying to know your gear well enough that you can immediately create the sounds you hear in your head and leaving yourself open to experimentation and letting the random explorations of sound and technology lead to something new.

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