The Bros. Landreth Interview

The Bros. Landreth Interview
You are currently on tour in support of your album Let It Lie how has the tour been going for you so far?
Its been going great! We had some great shows at CMW and are now in Quebec.  Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing some friends in Montreal tomorrow!
Are there any cities that you wanted to play at but didn’t get a chance to on this tour.
I wouldn’t say that necessarily.  We’re pretty happy with how this tour turned out.  As far as Canadian cities go, one of my favourites is St. John’s in Newfoundland. i hope to get back there sooner than later!
Are you currently only focusing on Let It Lie right now or are you able to slip into a bit of a writing mode while on tour?
Tour is a busy time, but we do get a chance to develop some new song ideas and arrangements every now and then!
Currently what is your favourite song to play live off of the album?
The song “Nothing” always seems to connect with the audience quite well.  We end almost every show with it.  
Have you found that there is an audience favourite each night?
No, the response is usually quite similar from night to night.  No major changes as far as which songs are more/less appreciated
On thursday night you played to a packed house full of industry reps and music fans at the Rivoli which was an amazing set by the way what attention do you feel playing the Paquin Entertainment show garners for your band?
Being a part of Paquins roster is a great way to connect with a wide variety of industry folks and other artists.  There’s far too many answers for this question! 
During your showcase show you mentioned that your family has a rich history in being traveling musicians, has this experience/history helped you out in your own careers as The Bros. Landreth?
Being raised in musical backgrounds gave us a strong appreciation for music! Without that, we may have never known that being working musicians was an option!
I have you say you played a smashing rendition of “Jesus On The Mainline” which in fact quieted down the audience and attracted their full attention towards you guys.
You definitely have the potential and ability within your songs to stretch and place a few small jams in certain songs, is this something that you may take advantage of as you play songs live off of Let It Lie?
Yes, we certainly enjoy stretching out some of the tunes from the record!
Where can people find your music online and to purchase Let It Lie? – A one stop shop for all your Bros. Landreth related needs!