The Chris Paterno Band Interview

Photo Cred Caitlyn Grabenstein

Photo Cred Caitlyn Grabenstein

Firstly I have to say the opening vocals in Morning Light caught my ears right away, what an amazing voice.

CP: Thank you!

The way the music follows the vocals as well are such a suiting mixture, how did you come up with such a well balanced chemistry?

CP: This song was born alone in a bedroom raised on a guitar and my voice, just raw emotion and true feelings. Our producer, Joe Nicolo, did a great job of capturing that. Connor McElwee, our electric guitarist, really set the foundation for the rest of the song inspiring the rhythm and groove of the chorus and building the tension in the verses and bridge. He’s a beast!

I’m still tagging along the musical chemistry here the mixing as well especially with the softness of the brass who and how did it get decided to go with such a great sounding mix?

CP: Joe Nicolo is a professional to say the least! He’s worked with some big names including the Fugees, Billy Joel and Cypress Hill. He’s got a great ear, so we stepped back and let him guide us. He also dropped off the tune to his son Ty, who works with the label E1 and is the producer for OCD: Moosh and Twist. Ty added some modern flares we really liked. In the end, we combined elements from both Joe and Ty’s mixes to create the final product.

The demographic in the band I would believe is an exceptional one, while recruiting members how did you decide on who to bring into the project?

CP: Yes! Our group ranges in age from 22 to almost 60 – I’d be amazed if you found another band like that. The group basically came together on its own – a weird conglomerate of networking and friendships. Doug Parsons, our drummer, was my 9th grade English teacher and drum-line instructor. He was the first person I reached out to to join the band. He’s an excellent drummer, a mentor and a great person. The rest of the crew were friends or friends of friends and we all kinda clicked.

The mixture of different cultures also stands out in the track as well, if and how would you explain this fair lining blend?

CP: We definitely blend a lot of elements into our music, but those elements all build off of three things: a percussive guitar, great horn arrangements and raw, emotional vocals. We like to say we are an alternative-soul group – think John Mayer meets Stevie Wonder. We’ve got some of that Philly Soul in us too! I credit our unique blend to the crazy demographics we have in our group. Everyone’s got a different story and their story comes out through their lines.

In the coming months what should your fans expect?

CP: The CPB has a lot going on! We are planning the release of a few more tracks prior to dropping our debut self-titled EP. We’ve also got plenty of shows in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Follow us at or check out our website at for more!

What links should your fans and new listeners to your music be aware of?
CP: Right now, we are pushing to get verified by Spotify – so if you have a Spotify account, look us up or follow this link:

If you don’t have Spotify, follow us on Facebook at Thanks for the love and support!