Nephelium Interview

Nephelium Interview

Questions answered by Flo Ravet

Why did you originally decide to move to Canada?

There is no sole reason that made us move to Canada in particular. As with every important decision in life, it was a combination of different things that came to play.

We moved to be with our families, but of course as musicians we had to consider the aspect of our art as well (it’s in our blood!) and Canada presented a whole new range of opportunities for us personally, and for Nephelium especially.
Difficult having a rotating line-up of musicians?

Not really difficult, but challenging and time consuming for sure. Each time having to teach our material to our new members is not something done overnight and our songs are not what you would call the easiest to learn.

What we are really happy about is the fact that presently we have the best line-up we’ve ever had, and not only musically. Our chemistry is so strong that we consider each other brothers before being mere “band mates”.

Sometimes it is worth waiting and looking or the right people to get the collective force necessary to push a band to the next level, and we definitely reached that!

We keep telling ourselves that this current line-up was meant to be, metalheads from different horizons fated to deliver brutality to the masses by way of the great white North!

What were the difficulties recording the album Coils of Entropy?

We are very picky, and had a very clear idea of what we wanted. This being our first real, full blown recording process, we did learn some lessons along the way.

Since we wanted the best possible, it was a no brainer that we had to work with the most talented people we could get our hands on, of course for a price (you get what you pay for) which has been a challenge in itself.

In the end, we are more than satisfied with the finished product, it has been recorded and mastered for a while, but we have not been ready to release it until now

…Cue for your next question 😉
Why now put out a debut album after such a length of time? 

The album being recorded, three of our members at the time decided to part ways with Nephelium towards different goals. We did not want to release an album if we could not perform to promote it properly so we had to find the right line-up to move forward.

Just as for the recording process, and since we always knew that Nephelium would make it one day, we wanted to ensure that any musician joining permanently would be up to the challenge and share the same goals.

Finding the right artists for the artwork and logo was an interesting quest as well. We took the same approach we did for the recording: we looked for the best, and we found’em

Without a doubt we could not have released this album without the hard work of our current members, even though they did not actually play on the record, they were instrumental in all other aspects necessary for this release.

We are forever thankful to our past and present members, and everyone else who assisted us in making this happen.

Having a successful band is not only playing shows and recording an album, we gained tremendous experience on this path and with some lessons learned we can state that our upcoming releases won’t obviously take as long.

But we’re not gonna rush too much either, did I mention we’re picky?


What does the album mean for you now?

This album embodies the death metal we always wanted to hear more often from our favourite bands

It is a statement of our roots and represent who we are as musicians, and is a true testament of our perseverance, which will pay off without the shadow of a doubt.

We want every metalhead out there to feel what we felt when we came up with these tracks, and that is something you can’t put a price on

Favourite song off the album? Is that song your favourite to play live?

Difficult question… we all like different songs for different reasons, and each one of us has various choices as to which one is his favourite.

That may sound cliché, but if we had to choose one, it will be the title track “Coils of Entropy”.

Obviously there is a reason for it being the title track, and the riffs and arrangements are one tiny step ahead of the rest of the album, while letting the listener imagine where we will be going on our next records.
What held you back?

More than we expected. Line-up changes, and different challenges and difficulties mentioned above. Basically not wanting to release an album which means so much to us without the proper care and support it deserves.

It is because we have been waiting soooo long to come out, and are so relieved that we finally have everything in place, the perfect line-up: we’re not holding back anymore.

Nephelium is coming! It’s gonna be brutal, but you like that don’t you?
Any troubles recreating the album sound live?

Not really. Perhaps because we are so diligent and hard on ourselves, when comes the time to play live we are pretty tight and can deliver a performance similar -if not better in intensity- than what we have laid down in audio format.

At least that’s the feedback we’ve heard.

Our drummer being a “beast” probably helps too…

How does the writing process work for the songs and album?

It has always been, and always will be a collaborative work.

The basis of the riffs and structure come from founding members Alex and Alan, who have worked together for a very, very long time. Everyone makes additions, suggestions, changes, variations; we constantly review everything and polish it until it is to a level more than satisfactory (and heavy enough)

We also stay true to the notion of concept album, and are consistent in the lyrics, music, artwork and overall style, at least always within the boundaries of the main theme.

All in all, it’s hard work, but well worth it.
Any expectations for the albums success?

Exposure, getting our shit out there, getting people to like what we do and connect and interact with them: that is what we strive for.

We will see how it goes, but are optimistic considering all the work and preparation behind it, we will always push forward and make sure we always work with the best partners we can possibly get.

Without being too cocky, a record deal would be nice, depending on the offer. However, considering the current shape of the music industry in today’s world (pirates starboard we are looking forward to see how these interactions will evolve.