Odium Interview

Questions Answered by Guitarist guitarist Bo Louther

I have to say first off that the vocals are one of my favourite elements off of Terraform. While recording and performing the vocals throughout the album, how did the decision come about while choosing the different methods and styles within each song? Was this just a conscious decision by Andrew or did the entire band have an input on how the vocals turned out?
Much appreciated! Andrew would basically bring his finished song idea to the band, and from there everybody would get a say and make tweaks if they felt it was a necessary change. So while the final product was always a band decision, Andrew’s love for a mixture of vocal styles and working in the studio with Greg Dawson were the things that made Terraform turn out as it did. 

By adding in the electronic and key samples throughout the album I found this really added the dark sense into the overall outcome of the album. Was this an after thought of adding in the sounds or was this an idea you had heading into the recording?
We knew the vibe we wanted to create on Terraform would shine through with some of these elements.
If you were to look back to the very first rough version of any of these tracks you’d see the keys/samples have all been in place from the beginning. Afterthoughts on albums for us lie more along the lines of small riff changes, leads, or vocal phrasing/harmonies.

While writing each song what is there a basic pattern that you guys layout as you write each song?

We have three people who contribute instrumentals generally alone and then are brought to the band. After the initial idea is sent to all members, a few of us might do some work on it but sometimes we leave it as is.

While recording Terraform did you guys change the arrangements of any songs as you were recording?
No. All of the arrangements were agreed upon for a solid while before we started recording.

How did the recording process go for Terraform? Were you guys able to capitalize with your earlier experiences with recording your previous albums and use the skills towards recording this album?
The recording process was an overall positive experience but it wasn’t without it’s downsides. While we have all upped our skill levels and become better writers, our drummer Joe recorded all of the instruments in his studio which was a first for us. So while we were musically prepared, there was a lot of new ground covered (especially by Joe) during the recording process. Most importantly we’ve learned what we need to do in order to have a smoother and quicker recording process for the next album.

With the album being out for a couple of months now are you guys happy with the media and fan response towards the album?
Absolutely. The fans we’ve accumulated over the years have always been very supportive, this album proved that to be true once again. The feedback we’ve received from fans and friends either online or at shows has been very good, which makes us feel like what we’re doing is worth something. We’ve also heard a lot of great things from reviewers, radio stations, blogs, etc. which has been awesome.

Is there anything that you wish you could go back and change now on Terraform?
No. But we did to have a couple stupid voice samples in some songs which were funny. Should have kept those haha.

While performing the album live how does the recorded the transfer over to your live sound?
We feel like it works well live, because during the recording process we kept the live show in mind a lot of the time. Another thing that helped was not overdoing anything in the studio (crazy leads, vocal harmonies, etc.) so we can still perform the song tightly in a live setting.

Do you guys capitalize on the many openings in each song to stretch out the solos or do you keep within the recorded song limits?
Not really. Although we will have longer lead sections in some places, we generally write the lead or intro simply based on what we feel makes the song work better.

Where can people buy Terraform and find you guys along all of your social networking pages?

Terraform is available to purchase from our Bandcamp page -> odium1.bandcamp.com