Poor Young Things Interview

On Friday night you make your return back to Kingston. What makes you keep coming back to Kingston?
Kingston’s just a cool town; Home of The Tragically Hip. Starting point of The Inbreds. And there’s a lot of great music coming out of there right now. Everyone’s been so nice to us over the years and they’re always up for a sweaty rock n’ roll show. How could we not want to keep going back!?

What’s behind the name of the album The Heart. The Head. The End.
We just thought it was the perfect  summation of what we were writing about. As you go through life you can make your decisions with your heart or your head, and different people choose different paths.
How did the writing work for the album Lyrically and instrumentally speaking?
Lyrically I did most of the writing on this one. It seemed to me that I was in a place where the songs were just kind of coming out and it’s usually easier for the singer to sing his own thoughts anyway.
Musically we’re very lucky that 4 of the 5 of us live together, because we can just head down to the basement when inspiration strikes. This was an album forged from long nights jamming and having a few beers. It was definitely a group process with everyone chipping in ideas here and there; which is the best way to do it.
How many times did you guys bang heads over the recording of the songs?
Well we were kind of under the gun to get this one recorded fairly quickly so we had things fleshed out pretty well before we hit the studio. We were on a Canadian tour with Tim Chaisson at the time, so we only had a few weeks here and there. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for banging heads.
Were there any songs that got left off the recording?
Umm?? There may have been one or two. We were pretty much maxed out for time so we just rolled with as many as we had.
Maybe they’ll turn up down the road…
Currently what is your favourite recorded song off of The Heart. The Head. The End?
I really like how Dress It Up turned out. Jon (Drew) is really good at getting cool guitar sounds and I love the guitar line in that song.
Is that song your favourite to play live right now?
Black Lightning for me for sure. That song just seems to connect with people on some other level. And it’s a fun one to sing.
When your album The Heart. The Head. The End. Was released earlier in the year did you have any expectations on the albums success?
No not really. We’re most likely not the type of band that’s going to explode onto every radio station with a number 1 hit. (Although we wouldn’t complain if that were the case)
We work hard. We tour constantly. We love what we do. It’s a slow build for us and we like it that way because those are the bands with longevity.
We’d be happy if we sold one copy, but we sold 2 so hurray! Haha
Now you guys already have a history of extensive and gritty touring how do you guys keep the drive of touring going?
Oh I think we’d much rather tour the country than wake up early and work a 9 to 5. The pay might be better, but the stories will never be. 😉
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