Silent Line Interview


While coming up with ideas for a new album how did you decide to write a concept album?
Deciding to write a concept album came primarily from Mike’s brain cage. He’d been working on writing new music after our second album for some time, and we were all in the same sort of head space. It was really just time for one, it pushed us further to do better.

How many different ideas did you guys go through when you decided on the concept idea?
I’m not entirely sure how many ideas Mike ran through in his head before he presented this one to the rest of us – but it was the only one we needed. We had several beers one night to get the ideas out on the table and there were no objections.

Where did the inspiration come from for the songs?
Much of the inspiration behind the songs is the view of what humanity is becoming, as well as what we’re doing to the planet we live on. As a whole, people seem to care less, more prone to destruction, and once you put some of that into perspective, its quite easy to find lyrical inspiration.

How difficult was the writing for the album especially when it came to writing the music for the lyrics?
Well, in this instance, we had some lyrics pre-written, jotted down here and there, but the music was almost entirely finished before we started settling on lyrical content. It made more sense to us to write the lyrics to the music and theme and tweak them afterwards as needed.

While adding in the different elements into the album, how did you guys decide to go with the orchestral effect?
All of us are fans of bands that use orchestral elements, so it seemed like a natural progression to add in. We wanted to add depth and dimension to the concept, since we were taking it a bit easier as far as technicality is concerned.

How difficult was it to add in the orchestra and how did you decide where to place this layer?
For the most part it was fairly simple, Mike would lay out a few rough ideas in a few songs and we’d all listen with beers in hand and tweak it until we were happy with it.

How do the songs translate into a live setting?
We’ve only played one of the new songs live so far – Our CD Release Party is being thrown January 2nd and we’ll be playing the album in it’s entirety then.

When you play the album live do you play the entire album from the first track to the last track or do you guys play an assortment of tracks from all of your albums?
For our upcoming show, we’ll be playing Shattered Shores from start to finish, in order. We’ll start mixing things back up with some of our older tunes and maybe even a couple of covers 😉

What is the Link to buy the album and also your social links?
Shattered Shores can be purchased at the following links:


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And you’ll find us on social media here: