Silvergun & Spleen Interview

Your latest album is titled Semi Truck how did you guys decide on the title for the album?

It came to me as I was brushing my teeth!  Everyone immediately agreed.  We have always been on the road a lot, even growing up and that’s when we would listen to music.  It always sounds better when you’re driving at night and looking out the window, there are no distractions, it’s just you and the music.  We felt the Semi Truck would really represent the way we feel about music and the band.  We had a tough year and we promised ourselves we would always keep going… like a Semi Truck. 
Did you expect the album to be a partial concept album?
We are kind of all about concept albums.  I think that’s all we’ll ever do.  It feels incomplete as a package otherwise.
Any Difficulties recording the album?
The album kind of happened as a surprise, we thought we were just recording 2 singles.  Plans changed and we ended up recording a whole album.  We had to write 2 or 3 songs while we were in the studio which made things a little difficult as we had to move back and forth to different studios to track drums and bass for the new songs.  It was also a bit stressful knowing that we were recording an album without all the songs being finished. We are usually way more prepared!
Where there any songs which Didn’t make it to the album, if so is there a possibility you will go back to the songs are rework them for another recording?
If we don’t like a song, we usually know right away, before it’s even finished. Those ones don’t make the set.  The ones we keep make the album.
We usually won’t rework them.  We just write better ones! It just feels better to do it that way, keeps our standards high.
Favourite song off the album?
I wanna say ‘An Eye For An Eye’ but… it’s Semi Truck
How does the writing for the album work, does each member stick to their own instrument or does everyone have a say in every aspect for each song?
It’s a very open environment for writing in the band.  Anyone can write anything. If John wants to write the entire song, he can.  We just work with whatever feels right.
Usually though, especially for this album, it starts with Vern and I.  I’ll come up with a beat on the drum machine and Vern will come up with the guitar line and I’ll come up with the lyrics and melody.  Or I’ll come up with the drums, bass and vocals and then Vern will add guitar and keys.  That’s how we did most of the record.
In the song “An Eye For An Eye” who thought to add in the lyrics “Just like Vanilla I’m Ice Ice Baby” because I thought that was a smart yet sneaky set of lyrics to slip into a song
I do all of the lyrics… it was me! 
Was it a difficult choice to pick out the first pair of singles from the album?
Yes it was! We’re still a bit unsure of our next radio single.  At first it was between ‘Crack’ and ‘An Eye For An Eye’ (We went with ‘Crack’) and now it’s between ‘Semi Truck’ and ‘An Eye For An Eye’.
How are you getting around the difficulties of having your songs receive radio play?
We have an awesome publicist and radio promoter so we are pretty lucky. It’s always very difficult to get radio play when you’re starting out but we are working hard on building relationships and we are going to be doing lots of touring which always helps!
You did a bit of touring in support of Semi Truck did you feel the promotion you did for the album gather the attention that you thought it would?
We didn’t really have the time to really tour, I actually wouldn’t really call it a tour as we only played 3 pre-release shows. We did do some radio and tv promo though and for the time we had, I think it went really well! 
Really looking forward to doing shows now!
Would you change any of the promotional avenues that you took for your next tour?
For our next tour (so this year) we will do the exact same thing only x10
Have you guys disagreed with any of the reviews that have come in for the album?
In one review, someone actually referred to the lyrics in Semi Truck stating “Sorry, but semi trucks don’t move through anything.” 
I disagree. A semi truck can move through a lot of things.  Stand in front of one, see what happens.  Tell me you don’t think it’ll move right through you.  I can show you if you want? 
Now you guys have seemed to master one of arts of social media do you feel that your image and band has benefited from Social Media?
Social Media is the best way to get people to hear about your band and come out to your shows!  It has been a very crucial tool in building our fan base. Love it!
Is it difficult to find the time for the hours you spend on social media?
It’s very difficult to find time for it! We often feel like we do more social media than music.  It’s the biggest disadvantage for sure.
What do you have planned for the new year?
Shows, shows, SHOWS! We are going to be all over the place this year!!! We are so excited and really looking forward to it!  We are playing CMW and are planning on doing tons of other hot shows and festivals. We want to do another coast to coast for sure.
Oh yeah. We have our very first music video for ‘Crack’ coming out early this year! Super pumped about that too!