Soldiers Of A Wrong War Interview

SOLDIERS OF A WRONG WARRecently you have released your brand new single titled We Will Never Fall, how excited were you guys to be able to release the single ahead of your pending album release?
We were really excited cause we finally had the chance to share some brand new music with our fans . We didn’t release some new songs since late 2014, when we released our EP Slow so we couldn’t wait to put out some new stuff and see what people’s response would be.

Alongside of the track you guys have also released a video to coincide with the single release, are you guys happy with the way the video turned out, did you have any other ideas for a different storyline for the video?
Yes, we’re very happy with the way the video turned out! We always did videos with a story and not just us playing but for this new single we decided that we wanted to focus just on us in a room playing the song, as simple as possible to represent the pure energy of this track. It’s always challenging to find a good storyline for a new video but this time we felt that the choice of us playing the song and nothing more was the right thing to do!

How has the media attention been so far with the single release? Are you happy with all of the results coming in? Are they what you expected so far and also do they coincide with your fans reactions as well?
It has been great and yes, it looks like it coincides with our fans reactions as well. We had someone who said that the song was cool but that we changed a little bit, but I think it’s normal, I mean, we wanna be free to express ourselves with our music cause that’s what music represents for us, total freedom! We can’t be caged inside the past, doing the same stuff over and over again, people grow and change, it’s a natural process. You can definitely feel the Soldiers Of A Wrong War’s imprint in this new single, and that’s the important thing!

With the sound of We Will Never Fall is this sound a good indication on what the rest of your album will sound?
The new album will sound more like this new track than the stuff we did prior to this release, yes! We’re super proud of the outcome of this new LP and we really can’t wait to share it with the whole world. We’ll deliver you some of the best tunes you’ve ever heard so get stoked cause it’s gonna be wild!
Have you guys settled on a date for the album release yet?
At this point we still don’t have a release date for the new album, we hope we’ll be able to share it with our fans around this fall. We are now focused on looking for a good label and management that could be interested to work with us for this new release. We really hope we’ll have the chance to find a good team to work with and release this new LP as soon as possible.

Where can people keep up to date with Soldiers Of A Wrong War?
Definitely on our facebook page, it’s the best way to connect with us cause we use it a lot. You can also follow us on youtube, twitter and instagram, here are some links:

Feel free to add anything else in there that you would like!
Thank you guys for giving us some space on your website, really appreciate that. And for all of you out there who are looking for some new saucy rock’n’roll music to listen to, go check out our brand new single “We Will Never Fall” right now:! And don’t be selfish, tell all your friends about it.