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You guys just recently released a song and video titled “It’s Christmas, and I Like You,”  for United Way’s Sub for Santa. How did you guys get involved with the project?

We were approached by Provo City (where we’re based) and asked to be a part of a special Christmas compilation album and video series that was going to include some other really terrific artists. They told us that all the proceeds would go to Sub for Santa, and that was really exciting for us so we couldn’t wait. “It’s Christmas and I Like You” came as a result of that.

Does the program have any special meaning for you ?

As a band we love finding ways to be able to give back and so were already thinking about ways to do that during the holidays. When Provo City pitched the idea and told us it would help people in need, it was a no-brainer for us.

You guys are currently in the studio working on a new album How is the recording going so far?

The recording process so far has been amazing. It requires a lot of work, creative energy, time, etc. but we are thrilled with the progress we are making. We’re just about at the halfway mark. It’s an exciting time and we are anxious for people to hear the new music.

Have you run into any difficulties so far?

Nothing major. There are always little road blocks in the studio here and there when figuring out the best direction for a song, or for part of a song. But that’s part of the creative process I think. Usually those road blocks force us to get more creative and come up with something new or out of the ordinary to solve the problem. It can be frustrating but that’s also when it gets fun.

Any difficulties picking the songs for the album? Or did you already have a set plan of songs heading into the studio?

We wanted to write a cohesive album that functioned as a whole from start to finish. Going in to the studio we already had a good idea of what was going to be on it. We’ve had a few changes but nothing major.

How does the writing work within the band?

I usually start writing a song on my guitar. It’s a process of coming up with a melody that I like and lyrics that fit my idea for the song. From there I take it to the band and we jam in a live setting, try things out, let it grow. Once the song starts coming together more we usually make a demo and start coming up with more production ideas for it.

Do you guys have a finishing date in mind yet?

We are anticipating a release in May.

What is your favourite song to record so far, is this also the song that you are most excited about?

I think all of us would probably have a different favorite song at this point. I have a few of them, but I would have to say my favorite as of right now is called “Coração.” It’s one that I’m excited for people to hear for sure. It’s a really big song, and it’s been fun to see it come to life in the studio.

Do you have a song in mind to follow up the success of “As We Ran”?

Right now we have a few songs in mind that we are thinking could work as our first single off the album. “As We Ran” has a great energy that fans have responded to, and the new album as a whole is headed in that same general direction so there are a few that we hope will see similar success. Or even more, of course. Our debut album did really well for us but I think if you’re not growing then that probably means you’re heading in the opposite direction, it doesn’t seem like you can just level off as a band. So we’re working to make the second album even better than the first.


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Here’s a link to our new music video for “As We Ran” 

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