The New Electric Interview

Answers provided by Indy McKearney

You guys are slated to play at the Mansion in Kingston Tomorrow Night on April 19th. What should your fans and new listeners to The New Electric expect to hear from you guys?
They should expect to hear some fun, upbeat, groovy music that will get them dancing and they should also expect to see a show that they won’t soon forget!

You guys just released your brand new single “T- Shirt” to coincide with this tour, and it has been heating up since you released the track. Having the single take off like it has does this give you guys the push to get back into the studio to bang out another album as soon as possible?
We are always writing and coming up with concepts for songs, and we always want to get back in the studio. That’s where the real creation happens!

You guys have won quite a few contests and awards thus far as a band, is there an award or contest win that stands out the most for you guys?
Anytime we are openly appreciated by a group of people, we are very honoured and it feels great, but the one that sticks out in my mind was the YYCMA (Calgary Music Awards) awards. Very cool to be dubbed Group of the Year by your very own city and your peers!

With a seasoned co-writer helping you guys create your songs, how do you feel this relationship has helped with the writing and recording process?
The experience and perspective that a cowriter brings to the table is invaluable. It adds another layer of depth and fresh ideas that maybe you can’t see when you’re in the bubble.

How do the recorded versions of your songs reflect that of what peoplewill hear in Kingston on the 19th?
Let’s just say, there will be a couple of surprises!

How forward are you guys looking to the drive from Winnipeg to Kingston without any tour dates in between?
Got any kings? Haha. We make the best of our time. These guys are my best friends! Who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip across Canada with their best friends, again!?

Do you guys have an idea of how your summer touring is going to be spent yet?
Yep! You’ll just have to wait and see!

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