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I have to say Overthrown Again is a F’n killer tune. How excited are you guys with the release of Overthrown Again?
Glad to hear you like it! Overthrown Again has been with us for a while, but only recently stood out as a possible single. Pretty excited to release it through A&R Department, hopefully getting it to a wider audience than we ever could on our own!What went into writing this track?

My memory fades, but I think I may have been listening to a lot of Karnivool around the time I listened to it. But when I listen to it now, I hear no Karnivool influence. It must’ve been a combination of Karnivool influence with another much simpler artist. Because the song is very simple. I think maybe even Angus and Julia Stone. Not sure. The aim was to go simple, but keep a dark edge.How did the writing work for the track?

In keeping it simple, with a solid foundation, we were able to really bring out strong melodies, in both vocal hooks and guitar hooks. The harmonies are also quite effective, with everything else being so spacious they stand out a bit more than usual.Was there a few different versions of this song written before you came out with this final edit?

This one took a little bit of time to put together structurally. But when we decided on a final edit, we took it to the studio, got it recorded, then we took it home and I basically taught myself ProTools on this track. There were lots of different versions of the song regarding mixes and production. I would try a few strange things (particularly drum sounds and electronic effects that you may not be able to hear all that well) and see if the other boys liked it. Tested the edits on mates and other musos and came out with a final edit to get mastered.Vocals, They are the pillar of the song for me throughout, what made you decide to sing as you do on the track?

I definitely feel the vocals are a strong point of this song. Perhaps that’s why it was decided as a debut single. Not sure exactly, but I think I was trying to keep with the simplistic nature of the tune and follow the chords (a whole 2 of them!) with vocal melody and harmony. In the verses the vocal register is lower, then when it moves to the chorus, the pitch raises, which provides a natural progression between the two parts. Nothing out of the normal really.Did you record the vocals in one straight shot or are the vocals cut from multiple takes?

The way we recorded the vocals was to get each section right at a time. So I’d keep going on the first verse until that was right, then first chorus, etc. Once we thought it was all good, we’d have a listen back to it in total and if there was something not quite right, I’d go back in to the vocal booth and fix up that section.Should we (the listeners) expect more song to come in this style?

Definitely! Nothing is recorded yet, but the songs in the live set are all based around a similar vibe to Overthrown Again.Are you working on an album or was releasing this single just to get a feel of the market and or your sound?

We will get a feel for the market with the release of this single, but whether the reaction is bad, neutral or good, we’ll get back in the studio to get an EP out there. That’s the next step.Links?

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