Ursae Interview

Ursae 1 (1)Your Debut Ep release date is just over a month away now, how excited are you for the release date?
Super pumped. It’s been finished since like May of last year, so I’m very ready to put this music out in the world.

Are there any final preparations that you are currently working on before the release date?
Nope, everything’s all set.

Being that this is your debut album did you find that you have already solidified your sound or is this Ep a start off point for what is to come?
I think in some ways, the sound is pretty solidified – like the mixture of organic and electronic elements will continue to be a key part of my records, I think. But I’m always trying to expand and explore, and really push myself, so I’m sure that what exactly that mixture will evolve going forward.

At this point is there anything that you would like to or wish that you could change?
On the EP? No way, I’m hella stoked about it. Even after sitting on it for so long.

How did the recording go for the E.P, especially with the thick and full sound of the album by the inclusion of the programmed sounds and various instruments?
It actually went pretty smoothly. The arrangements are pretty thick, yeah, but I did spend a lot of time peeling things away that didn’t end up being necessary. That’s usually one of the hardest steps, and the most crucial. I also included the EP as part of my senior thesis at NYU, so on that end there were some deadlines to meet here and there that added some level of stress.

How does the live take on the album compare to the recorded version?
Similar, but sweatier.

Are you planning on any touring in support of the album?
We’re discussing it…

What are your plans for releasing singles from the album?
I premiered the first single, So Green Her Eyes, last month on Pancakes & Whiskey. And the second single, Likeness, just premiered on The Wild Honey Pie. Both are available now on Spotify and iTunes.

Do you have any expectations for the albums success?
I just hope my mom likes it.

And the most important question where can people pick up a copy of the E.P?
The EP will premiere on All Things Go on February 21st, and then it’ll release officially on February 24th.