Victoria Turner of The Superstitions Interview

Interview with Victoria Turner of The Superstitions
1. Where did your band name and album name come from?
Well the album name came from our other, older EP, with different members. In the track listing, a few letters are backwards and it spells Fear. We just thought the word Fearless seemed cooler! And the band name comes from a bunch of coincidences that happened at once, like owning a black cat, and each original member being left handed and 13 years old when the band started. Superstitious things.

2. Are you finding it hard to find shows locally to play?

Not at all, we’ve done so many, we play so often. We’ve had days where we play 2 shows in one day! We’re looking for more out of town ones, that’s a bit more tricky.Being a DIY type of band (for now) all that managing business is my job haha But there’s so many bands and venues in Montreal so we come up with a lot of offers for gigs.

3. Where was the album recorded?
The album was recorded in our jam space actually, with Nick of the band Trigger Effect.

4. How did the recording process go?
The process was good, we always get recording done fast. Leaves time to get more songs in. I like to think that if we can play it live and play it pretty well, why spend hours perfecting it?

5. Did you record any songs that didn’t make it to the album.
Yeah 3 of them actually. We chose ones that we liked best, since it’s more of a sampler/EP type of disc. We do have the other 3 songs on special edition discs that we send out for reviews etc.

6. Who does the writing for the band or is it shared with the entire band?
With us, it’s very simplified. I write the guitar riffs, Tyler (vocalist) writes the lyrics and Aaron (drummer) creates the drum parts. Although we do give input to each other on what might sound better in a song. But to break it down each part is done individually.

7. Will you take any of your experiences and put them to use on the next album?
I just make guitar riffs right now, but I can mention it to Tyler haha

8. Are you able to take the album sound and recreate the album live?
We make it sound better. We’re more of a live performance band, and we can prove it once you see us. The album was recorded in 2010 so by now the songs have changed a bit or improved since we’ve played them many many times already.

9. Where can people pickup a copy of your album?
At ours shows is the best way because you can get it directly from us. But if the fan can’t make it to a show, we’ll gladly send it out to you!

10. During you live show do you play the entire album or do incorporate different songs into your set list?
We pretty much play all the songs on the album. Maybe leaving 1 or 2 out sometimes, depends on the show. Since the recording we’ve made a few new ones, so those are incorporated in the set list as well. We’re planning on getting the “new” ones recorded soon.