Kingston Band Catalogue



Rae Corcoran  Acoustic, folk, pop, covers

Campfire Liars Club  Acoustic
Kendra and Kings  acoustic, originals, country, rock    Reverbnation
Jim Tidman  Acoustic, country, folk
Chris Koster  Acoustic Rock  LAST FM
Mindee Fillion  Acoustic, Rock, Country
Alex Leggett Acoustic Rock Pop
Mike Pitre Acoustic Rock
Teagan McLaren Acoustic Folk Country Pop
Celtic Kitchen Party Celtic, Folk
Chris Morris Folk acoustic
Strung Out To Dry Roots, Bluegrass folk
Smitty origianls, covers, rock
Justin Andre Acoustic, Pop, Soul
 Tracie Morgan  acoustic, folk, soulful  
Between The Hollows Acoustic, Pop,

Alex Fisher Acoustic, country rock,


 Kingstown NEW Mississippi  Blues, Rock
Roger Dorey Blues, Folk, Country, Rock,
Jenica Rayne blues, folk, rock, country and jazz


The Swinging Doors Classic Country Standards
Jim Patterson Band Country Originals, Classic Rock Covers
Ambush Country, Covers
Rueben DeGroot Country, Rock
Buffalo Tree Country, Rock
The Rotted Roots Ramblers Blue Grass Country Roots
Texas Tuxedo Country,Classic Rock
Rudy & Saddle Up Country and classic rock, covers
Still Standin Country, Classic Rock Covers
Howlin Drunk & The Teamsters The Blues and Good Ol’ Honky Tonk
Greg Ball Solo/Full Band  Country Rock, Classic Rock
Adam Knapp and Kickback Country
Shawn McCullough (solo act) Country, acoustic, solo


The Diaries Folk Duo
Megan Hamilton Folk
Chris Morris Solo
Jon McLurg Folk, Celtic
 Goldwing  Alternative Folk
 Kris and Dee  Folk Duo
 Calamity Janes  Folk, Rock, Blues
Sarah Harmer
 Glenna Green  Foll, Classical, Jazz
The Gertrudes Alternative Folk, Pop, Rock
 Rick Melanson  Folk, Rock, Acoustic
 Zoe & The Lost Boys  Folk


New Age Soldier Alternative, Folk, Rock
Vorasek Alternative Blues Rock
T3RR3STRIAL Alternative/Rock/Metal
Tiger Uppercut Alternative, Rock
Radio Mama Alternative, Rock
Lazerbear Alternative, Rock, Pop
The Huaraches Alternative, Surf Punk
Suns Of Static Alternative, Rock
Revmatic Alternative, Metal
Ianspotting Alternative, Rock, Folk, Reggae
Ps I Love You Alternative
Clockwize Sound Alternative,
The Orange Alabaster Mushroom Alternative, Psychedelic
Sleuth Bears Alternative, Rock, Garage, indie
Mississippi Grover One Man Band,
Suburban Sex Party Alternative, Pop, Rock
Try Harder 90’s Alternative
Hoppipolla Alternative,experimental Pages are being built
 Fingers X’D  Original and covers, Alternative, Rock

Hard Rock

Dirty Mothers Hard Rock Covers
Beautiful Inferno Hard Rock  
Statue In Ashes Hard Rock
 Nubs  Alternative Rock, Funk


The Tragically Hip
Betablokka Rock
Fugitive Underground Rock
The Method Rock, Alternative
Brothel Rock
 Little Train Wreck Rock Folk Covers
 New Age Soldier  Rock, Alt/Folk
3Girlzband Rock, covers
 Down Here From Here Rock
Jetlagged Rock, Covers
SugarPlum Rock,Pop
The Miss Emily Rock,Blues,Jazz
Emily Fennel Rock,Blues,Jazz
The Tone Kats Rock, Blues, Covers
The Road Apples Tragically Hip Cover Band
The Stares Rock Covers  
Knuckel Hed Rock, Covers
My Friend Andy
Beginners Guide To Endings Rock, Alternative,
Richard Cranium Rock, Covers
The Glorious Sons Rock
Overrated Rock Covers
Ten Cent Hat Rock
The Torres Project Rock, Blues, Jazz
Gutter Honey Rock, Original and Covers
Mojo Shooter Rock, Blues,
In The Guestroom Rock, Pop
Bellfonix Rock, Pop,Jazz Covers
Dr. Bombay Classic Rock, Modern Rock
Been There Classic Rock, Covers
The Tracycally Hip The Tragically Hip Cover Band
Shawn Inwards Rock, Pop
Hallowood Rock
Drop Down Mama Rock
Full Nelson Rock
Triumph Over Tragedy Rock, Punk, Metal
Owl Farm Rock, Alternative, Punk
The Golden Dogs Rock, Pop
Far From Venus Rock
Sex-Ray Vision Rock, Covers, Originals
 R-Banned  Rock, Covers
 The Thuggees  Rock
 Death Row Preachers  Rock, Blues
Project Paramount Rock Classic Rock


Sovereign Council Power Metal
Ponderous Chain Metal
Decibhell Thrash Metal
Blood Drenched Hands Metal
Meathook Metal,Punk
Basalisk Metal
Rise Of Dissension Metal, Rock
Left On Bowery Metal

Hip Hop

Nothin’ But Mental Hip Hop
Sinister Twin Hip Hop
Hey Kids Kids Hip Hop  
Slaves Of Spanky Hip Hop, Rap
Grampa Rap Jams
Cap’t Footbags Rap Jams
ManChyna Hip Hop,pop


Pelt Power Pop
 Sisters & The Cousin Pop
Will Hunter Band Pop, Rock