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On Friday afternoon I got to sit down with Danielle Lennon at a Local Downtown Kingston Coffee shop where we discussed her upcoming album String Theory that is going to be released on November 7th. This is just not any ordinary album, I am still blown away by the amount of work and time that has gone into this release. Another highlight of the album is the fact that there are visuals to go along with each song as well, which is going to make for a special album release party.  https://www.facebook.com/events/291873177669076/


Video Releases For String Theory

Danielle Lennon – STRING THEORY – Releasing Fall 2014
Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario to a lawyer father and teacher mother,
there was little musical influence in the household other than appreciation
and the enjoyment of listening. Despite this, Danielle’s passion for music
was apparent at a young age. Lennon began playing the recorder and
reading music at the age of four, followed by piano lessons when she was
seven. She grew up singing in choirs. After being heavily influenced by a
group of string students in her choir, Danielle took up the violin at the age
of thirteen. “I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do, taking on the violin
so late in life, but I seemed to take to it right away and, thanks to an
incredible teacher and the support of my family, I was able to dive in,
joining my first orchestra after only a few weeks of lessons.”
Danielle’s music making through high school was focused solely on the
classical genre. She went on to study classical violin at Queen’s University.
Her first venture into other genres came with a summer job performing
variety shows with The Blazing Fiddles. Her ability to flip the switch from
classical to fiddle, show tunes and jazz was honed during her nine years
with the group. After graduating from Queen’s, she became a full time
member of the Kingston Symphony, a violin teacher and began playing
with bands including Boru’s Harp (Celtic), Calamity Janes (folk rock) and
Hoppipolla (ambient rock). She found herself being frequently called upon
to do studio work for bands of all genres including The Gertrudes, Kris and
Dee, Jerome Godboo, Ianspotting, and most recently she worked on a three
song EP with Megan Hamilton and producer Jim Bryson.
Danielle began writing her own music in 2005. Her relationship with
composing started off as rather on-again, off-again but in the last two years,
writing has been a prominent part of her daily life. Her first album STRING
THEORY is an amalgamation of all of her musical experiences and is sure
to capture the imaginations of listeners of all types.