Kingston Artist Spotlight Amanda Sadler

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions and especially for performing your brand new single “Cross My Heart” in a stripped down version.

At the start of this month, you released your single “Cross My Heart.” How is your audience reception to the single been so far?
I’ve been absolutely blown away by the amazing response that I’ve gotten to “Cross My Heart” from both radio and fans! I’m over the moon that people seem to be loving it as much as I loved writing and recording it.

How would you compare “Cross My Heart” to your previous works?
“Cross My Heart” was a collaboration between myself and Dave Thomson, who co-wrote and produced the single. Since our collaboration began right from the get go of the writing process, we were able to create a very solid sound and vision for the single. “Cross My Heart” portrays a moment in my music career where I felt as though I’d found my sound and a new confidence as a songwriter. It exemplifies exactly where I want to be with my music.

How would you describe your particular Country sound?
Pop-Country, influenced by everything and anything you could possibly imagine.

Amanda Sadler

You have made a couple of trips now down to Nashville to write and record, how has your experiences with your trips interpret within your song writing?
I’ve been incredibly lucky to spend a fair bit of time down in Nashville working with some amazing people that I’ve admired for years. With every trip I find myself growing more and more as a songwriter and as a performer. I consider myself a sponge when I’m down there – I try to soak up as much as I can, learn from the best, and push myself to take risks with my art.

Do you feel that having the advantage of heading down to Nashville to write and record has given you a specific direction in the way you are going to move forward with your musical career? How has recording in Nashville affected your song writing and sound?
Without a doubt. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned while in Nashville is to be fearless when it comes to my music. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible people who have helped me to bring my sound and the vision I had for my music to life, and encouraged me to take creative risks along the way.

Before heading down to record did you already have an envisioned sound? And was your vision changed by any of the producers that you chose to work with?
How difficult was the choice in choosing each producer that you have worked with so far?
I’ve always been a gut-instinct type of girl, and have always had a very strong grasp on the sound I want to create for my music. Over the course of about a year, any time I heard a song on the radio that I absolutely adored the production of, I would jot it down and look up who the producer was. Nine times out of ten it was Dave Thomson. I was fortunate enough to connect with Dave a very short time later at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards, and as they say, the rest is history! Dave has an incredible knack for creating a sound that is everything you hoped for and more – I’ve been all smiles from the second he played me the very first mix.

While working with different producers have you found solace in a particular work ethic and overall outcome thus far?
I’ve found that everyone has a very different creative process, and that each person you work with brings out different things in you, both as a writer and as a performer. I always try to keep an open mind during these creative processes, and grow from every experience. I try to work with likeminded people who have a similar, strong work ethic to my own, and the producers that I’ve worked with thus far have been nothing short of incredible.

Have you thought about recording in Canada or are you set with recording in Nashville now?
I’ve never been tied to recording in one specific place, but rather I’m focused on working with the people who I feel are the right fit for my particular project. I’m always excited to pack a bag for wherever that takes me!

You also have been busy in the music video department as well, as you have a couple of videos out now for your singles. Can you tell me about working with the director of your videos?
I’ve been lucky enough to work with Tim Deegan now on two music videos, as well as another project that will be released very soon. To put it simply: working with Tim is a dream. He has such an open mind for creative collaboration, and manages to combine incredibly hard work with a lot of laughs. I’ve been very fortunate to work with someone who understood the vision I had for these songs, and was equally as excited to bring them to life.

What has been your favourite aspect about the videos and video making process so far?
The brainstorming process of creating my music videos has been such a highlight for me, especially for my current single, “Cross My Heart.” There are so many ways to approach the visual interpretation of a song, and I’ve always been excited by the process of exploring these possibilities and pushing yourself to think outside the box. Tim Deegan and I had a blast bouncing ideas back and forth in the early stages of creating this music video, and I think it resulted in a project that we’re both very excited about.

How do you feel the outcome of the videos tell the stories of the songs?
The beauty of a music video is that it can shine light on a new interpretation of a song and cause you to listen closely again. I’ve always welcomed the opportunity to create a video that approaches a song from a different angle and allows the listener a chance to be drawn into a song again and hopefully fall in love with it all over again.

As your latest single “Cross My Heart” progresses in age what should your fans look forward into hearing next?
I’m so incredibly excited about all of the writing that I’ve been doing and the collaborations I’ve been apart of, and I’m eager to share more new music with my fans. It’s safe to say that there will be more music that I’m equally as passionate about on its way to your ears very soon!

Have you thought about recording a stripped down version of your EP?
As much as I absolutely adored the process of creating my EP from writing the songs to the production process, I feel as though I’ve also grown quite a bit as a songwriter and artist since its release in 2015. I’m eager to put out music that is fresh and really reflects where I am in my life and in my music career now. However, I continue to play many of the fan-favourite songs from The Light EP at my live shows.

How difficult is the choice in choosing a backing band for yourself?
I feel so lucky to live in a city where there is certainly no shortage of incredibly talented musicians who are always excited to collaborate. I like to work with musicians who are equally as excited to work with me as I am to work with them, and who bring an energy and strong work ethic to the table. Luckily for me, I’ve had the privilege of working with many such people both in Kingston and while touring across Canada.

Do you have any summer touring plans?

I’ll definitely be racking up the miles this summer, from playing quite a few shows in my hometown, including the Country 93.5 sponsored Country in the Park series, to a fundraiser out in Barrie and a trip out to Manitoulin Island to co-host at Country 103, just to name a few. A full tour schedule can be found on my website at I’m incredibly excited to see everyone, and share some of my new music!