Kingston Band Spotlight Sweet Talk Jackie

Today you guys released your brand new video for the single from your upcoming first full length album titled Squeeze. How excited are you guys to have the single and video out?
We are very excited. A bit nervous to see how other people who have never heard our music will react but at the very same time its a big relief to finally get it out there and see how people will take it.
What do you think in relation to hits and all around attention this video will bring you guys?
 To be honest I have absolutely no Idea hopefully as much as possible. The biggest goal behind this project for us was to get our music into the ears of new listeners. As well as giving our fans something entertaining to watch. Im just hoping people either love it or hate it and nothing in between.
Are you able to describe the storyline in the video? And the idea behind the original take of the video?
Well the original conception of the storyline was to be about a robot who had human tendencies to ask questions, about things such as why it was the only one of his kind, and eventually snapping and having to be put down by its creator. For the most part we stuck with that idea, but added a bit more humour to the mix, with a dark twist near the end.
How does Squeeze set up the rest of your album? Is this song a good translation of what everyone should expect throughout the rest of the album?
Answer: Well Squeeze is probably one of the best representations of the hard rock side we have. The album as whole is actually quite diverse when it comes to vibes and transitions in feel. The only way I can describe it is you will start the album off in one state of mind and finish in another.

Do you guys have a date for the albums release?
 Yes we do. The Album will be coming out on June 10th 2017. The Album Release party will be held at The Blu Martini.  Here is a link to the event below. 
Where was the album recorded and what producer did you use? I heard you kept it local.
So the album was self produced as a whole. Bill Cassidy who was our recording engineer also had a large part in co producing the songs and was fantastic to work with.  We tracked the album at Bills studio “Tiny Racket Studios” in Kingston for roughly 10 days give or take. Then from there we sent the sessions to Terry Benn for mixing & Mastering ( Also from the Kingston area). Both these guys were extremely great to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a better team.
How was the experience recording the album? Was it a surreal experience, are you excited to do it again?
  Recording a full length 11 song album in the time we had to do it was one of the biggest set of highs and lows Ive ever felt about my music. One day you love it, the next day you hate it. Some days you’ve been at so long you don’t even know what your listening to anymore. The Biggest thing that can make or break your album is perspective on what you were actually trying to achieve in the first place and where you are at that present moment. All in all it was a great experience. We learned a lot about ourselves as a band. As well as learned a lot about making records. We would defiantly do this again, and most like will do this again in the upcoming future.
How was the learning curve while recording? From the experience of recording this album do you think that you will be able to use the experience towards your next album?
Well the biggest learning curve for us wasn’t too bad. We pretty much did everything we needed to do before hand. For the most part things went fairly smooth. We did learn a lot of things about ways we can make things smoother mostly just learning the importance of doing your homework, but all in all  our goal is to just constantly be writing better songs for future project and keep moving forward. I think we can use what we’ve learned on this project to better the next.
When it comes time for the album release where can people pick up a copy of the album?
You could either pick up a physical copy off of us by coming to one of our shows by talking to us either on break or after the set. You will also be able to order merch off of our website after June 10th once the album is released. As well as the album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music , & Google Play all coming June 10th 2017.