KMR and Amherst Island Radio Presents Áine Duffy & The Hypnotyst GRIT Single Release

 Today is the day November 18th 2016 that you have released your brand new single titled Grit!! How excited are you guys for the release of the single

We are very excited about our new single. We feel we have developed our sound from the numerous gigs we have performed through out the year. This song in particular is very exciting for us.

You guys are already currently into a mini tour in support of the single, with the second date being today, how has the live reception been to the single so far?

It’s going down a storm live. We have seen all kinds of people dance to it, even people who haven’t danced in years. We would play it every night of the week if we could!

With your album on the brinks of being released in early 2017 how does this single speak for the pending debut album?

This single is going to let people know we are creating a more uplifting, faster tempo album, and sound. So there’s plenty more dancing to be done, be it in your kitchen, car, at one of our gigs, or wherever takes your fancy!  This single will be in a similar style to the rest of the album, as we want to keep people passionate through these trying times.

What are the formats for which you are releasing this album on being either online or physical?

We will be releasing it online and physically. We accept the current trend is to go digital, but we are going to cater to all of our fans and have physical releases too. We plan on having Q Codes on merchandise which will send the song straight to your phone, through an application.

With the single release you guys also have a video for the track as well?

Yes we have. We reached around, we used friends we knew, and locations close by, also promoting local businesses, to create this video.

How did all the recording and grabbing all of the footage go for you guys?

The recording of the footage was fast, smooth and wildly fun. We employed to film and edit the video for us. The whole video was shot and edited in a short space of time, it shows what one can accomplish if they put their mind to it.

How do you feel the video speaks for the single?

It speaks for the single, as much like the song it is high paced, ballsy, and determined. The song is about going for things and seizing the day, so the video concept was designed to suit this. We are a very proactive group and we like to do things rather than just talking about them. It keeps the gritty and grungy theme between both the sound we are creating and the punchy visual aesthetic we are going for.

You guys also enlisted three time Grammy nominated Emily Lazar to Master your music, how did this connection come to be?

The Hypnotyst has a long standing obsession with the quality of Emily Lazar’s work. We contacted her and we were lucky enough she liked our music, and she only works with artists she likes, so we are over the moon. Her whole team are helpful, friendly and personable.

Are you guys planning on releasing anything else before you release your debut album?

We are definitely releasing one more single before the album release, but on listening to them as we record them, there’s another few in there that sound like singles to us!

Áine Duffy & The Hypnotyst have released a short batch of tour dates in support for the new single,

18 November        Private Festival             Belgooly, Ireland
01 December        The Harbour Bar           Bray, Ireland
03 December        Madame Claude            Berlin, Germany
17 December        Hackett’s Bar                 Schull, Irelandwith more national and international dates to be confirmed for 2017.
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