KMR and Amherst Island Radio Presents the Official The Phryg Turn You Out Single Release

phryg_4Turn You Out is the debut single from your upcoming Self Titled which is set to be released in July. How stoked are you guys to be sitting on the release date for the album? And also how difficult is it to be sitting on the album right now?
We are super excited to share this album with the world, it is truly a unique and powerful record.  There is always the urge to share that excitement and show close friends or family some tracks, but we’ve been resisting and are waiting until all the pieces are assembled to put it out there.

With the debut track being Turn You Out, does this track signify and direct the sound on the entire album?
Turn You Out definitely gives the listener a solid taste of where we’re coming from musically.  Would I say it directs the sound of the entire record? No. We pride ourselves on the fact that our music is non-derivative in nature. It’s not something that’s intentional, but we don’t stick to a formula or try to recreate the vibe of a previous composition.  Everything is unique but still possesses that unmistakable “Phryg” sound.

  The track is a definite fusion of many different genres and styles of music, how difficult was the final editing phase of Turn You Out?The track certainly spans many styles and genres and that are representative of much of our music.  That being said; every track on the record was recorded live so there was very little to be editing to be done (if any).  We are working with a very talented mixing engineer Dev Avidon who has been able to really hone in on our sound as a musical unit.

How Would you guys describe your sound and does it compare to what media and your fans have offered so far? We like to describe ourselves as progressive funk.  We capture the exploratory essence of progressive rock while maintaining the backbone of groove-based dancable music. I think our fans who have frequented our live shows would attest to that statement, but this record is without a doubt our most cohesive representation of that concept.

Has anyone mentioned that you guys would have made it big back in the regular Nintendo phase as their music writers/composers for games? Ha! No one has ever told us that. We are all 80’s babies so we definitely  grew up in the era the original gaming consoles.  I’m my opinion much of that music was dismissed as “video game” music at the time, being some of the earliest uses of midi and electronic sounds in popular music. But as most people would agree, many of those songs are now timeless and much of that music is evocative of current day electronic music.
With the length of the track being over six minutes long, do you see a foreseeable possibility of the track making its way onto radio? We never approach our compositions with worries of length or radio accessibility. Of course anything is possibly and I like to think there many aspects of our music that make it approachable for all music listeners. We would love to have of our music played on the “Jam On” Sirius satellite radio station that features a lot of music within our genre.
You guys were able to benefit from online crowd funding for the recording of the album, what was it like the moment when you guys realized that you made your goal during the fundraising effort? It was a huge relief but alo a big boost of confidence.  It is extremely difficult for an artist to come up with the necessary funds to release a top quality record today. Labels are no longer willing to invest in newer unknown acts and bands have to rely heavily on their fanbase. The whole process was a realization that we have a big team of people out there that really love and support what we do. We are very grateful for that.
With the debut of the single Turn You Out coming out today where can people purchase their copy of the single? The track is streaming on our Soundcloud at the moment with one other single from the new record and some other goodies. Nothing will be for sale or downloadable until the whole record is realased in July.
When it becomes time where can people pick up a copy of your self titled album? The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify and in physical form at our website

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