Are Music Reviews Helpful in Promoting Your New CD Release


Well, some may say that by asking me, you could be asking the wrong person. As a professional music publicist and music promotion consultant myself to get countless successful independent music artists, I can only tell you what I’ve experienced over the past 27 years and of doing so for independent musicians. A fantastic music publicist can facilitate interviews for you and get your music reviewed. Its positive influence on your project and livelihood can be more than considerable.

I am writing this report to bring this to the attention of independent artists. Most indie musicians may believe their music doesn’t stand a chance out there in the sea of thousands and thousands of music releases annually. Unfortunately, with that type of competition, this isn’t far from the truth. Many CD releases, without professional marketing, however good, usually get forgotten or lost.

However, an excellent indie music publicist can move your music to the forefront and bring it to the attention of the industry and the public alike with media, interviews, and music reviews. Provided that your music is notable, this makes creating the vulnerability and making the buzz (if you will) much simpler. CD reviews, interviews, and the media can do this effectively if it’s done correctly and by a credible expert music publicist.

Album and single reviews, written by professional music critics on credible music sites and from the music media are read by thousands of potential fans, music journalists, booking agents, music publishers, and A&R representatives from both independent and major record labels on a daily basis. Professional Music Publicists would be the curator of those creative placements. This having been said, there are still many indie musicians which are only now aware of the positive effect favorable CD reviews, interviews, and the innovative press may have on their new and project album release; while accelerating their music career to another level.

Our Band is on a Shoestring Budget. How Much Can a Publicist Price?

The price for a professional music publicist can vary greatly, depending upon how great they are, how much experience they have, and the scope and quality of their professional Rolodex (contacts-reach). A whole lot of musicians do not even bother to ask at the expense of a publicity campaign with a professional publicist stressing upfront the cost will be astronomical.

A good deal of artists and bands are promoting their music on a shoestring budget, and they believe that they simply can not afford the services of a professional music publicist and marketer. They simply keep pounding and going the DIY route. Not because they need to, but believe they have to. If you ask, you might be surprised how reasonable a publicity campaign could be using an established expert music publicist who’s ready to work with you. (prepared – being the keyword here).

It is unfortunate also that music websites sites, and credible music critics, similar to record labels, don’t honor unsolicited requests to review music that’s submitted by the artist themselves. This is largely earmarked for specialist music publicists and labels with whom they work with on a relatively exclusive basis.

It’s true of course that money can be a significant deterrent to your attempts to solicit the assistance of an expert. I can only tell you that if you’re really serious about your music, you only have to discover a way. If your music is there, this might be among the only ways to get it noticed. Simply place; find a publicist who’s ready to work with you and your budget. Work out a payment plan, find an investor. Just do what has to be done. Save money on other things – not marketing. It’s important though to remember not to select the cheapest publicist.

Just like anything else in life -“You Get What You Pay For.” Artists that don’t professionally promote their products, or discontinue marketing their music to save money are similar to people who attempt to stop a clock to save time.