ManCub Practice Sessions

ManCub Practice Sessions

Early this week I got to sit in on Man Cub practice. You can find or probably not the guys tucked away in probably the most difficult location downtown Kingston that I have ever had to find. Man Cub has been hitting the local scene now for a little while now and have opened for some pretty prominent bands including The Midway State and on Friday The New Cities.

The members of Man Cub are Justin Andre on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Winston Vinh on Bass Guitar, Daniel Chalmers on Drums, Matt Kirby on Guitar and Dylan Carquez covering the electronic sounds for the band.

They had a interesting setup as it took up pretty much the entire room, and they formed a circle around the room so that were each facing each other. It didn’t take long for Daniel to get the floor and everything on the shelves bouncing around as he started hammering on his drum kit. I was surprised that in the small space that they had they still had a full kit setup and not a smaller electronic kit instead. Everything almost had to be turned up that much louder just to go over the drums. Even Justin on vocals had to bring in a pretty big setup just to get overtop of everything.

One thing that really surprised me the most about the band is the fact that it is almost the entire crew of Agpak Mum again but just with a different lead singer. They are currently working on a new EP Little Games so I can’t wait to hear the final product when it comes out. Their songs now you could call Power Pop especially when it comes to their live show. Their practice was really laid back in comparison to their live show, but still just as deafening.

Man Cub was going through their entire set and making sure they had everything down for their show on Friday night. They already had their set list written and the order of songs down to the way they wanted them. Their set unfortunately was going to be held back a little because of the fact that the show was an early show and the having four bands play and it was also a good test to see how the audience was going to take to the songs as well.

At the end of the night after a quick break Justin hopped behind the drum kit and asked Dylan to crank out some beats off the synth which he quickly did then in came Daniel and picked up Winston’s bass and helped fill in a little, the jam lasted probably around five or so minutes before they ended the night off.