Practice Session Vorasek

Practice Session Vorasek

I got a chance to sit in with Vorasek for a Practice Session as they were preparing for the K-Rock Band Slam competition.

As I talked with the band later on after their practice I found out that not only does their basement studio act as a place for their practices, the room is also where they write new songs and acts as their recording studio as well.

I was surprised to find out that they recorded their debut album “Hold On” in this room as well. Using the old technique of using what you have at your disposal they managed to record the album. Their album release party turned out to be an interesting event for the guys, They originally thought they had a couple of more weeks to finish the album off and have it sent off to be manufactured but it turned out they had a couple of days to finish the album and get it off to press. Here is where the nail biter for this story really happens the  albums showed up midmorning the day of the show.

I have been following Vorasek now for awhile now and their shows keep getting better and better. When I first met up with the guys they were a three piece band playing every open mic that they could and even filling in for a couple Indie Nights at the Mansion. Now they are a four piece band adding in Jeeves to the mix and their sound has only grown.

The members of Vorasek are Patrick Marshall on Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar, Ted Evans on Bass Guitar and Vocals and occasionally keyboards, Joe Pelow on Drums and Jeebs Simpson on Guitar.

Tonight they were still running down songs and getting ready for an hour long set in case they made it into the second round of Band Slam this year. Now I wasn’t able to make it to the shows this year which was unfortunate because I didn’t get to see Vorasek become the 2012 winners.

Their setlist usually consists of songs from their album Hold On, and they might throw in a new song which they are working on for their next album. Tonight they also threw in a cover which I am pretty sure I never heard them play before which I managed to catch on video which is posted below.

You can pick up a copy of their album by visiting on of their site and following the link