Practice Sessions Fossils & Gospels

20Practice Sessions Fossils & Gospels
For people who don’t already know, who are the members of Fossils & Gospels?
Mike Brown – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Shannon Leah – Keyboards/Vocals
Martyn Piper – Percussion
Will Van Rhyn – Bass/Synth/Vocals
Curtis Sproule – Guitar

Your band name is also an interesting one as well, with using the Gospels in your name, I didn’t expect to hear the sound that I did throughout the practice. How did you guys decide on the name?
Initially, the name represented the set list that we were using at the time. Our early performances included songs from Mike & Curt’s previous band ‘Beautiful Inferno’ which we referred to as ‘Fossils’, and the covers that we were including at the time were selected from the songs in which we gained inspiration from during our formative years, which were our ‘Gospels’. The name later took on other deeper meanings, as we felt it represented the bands evolution in the creative process, once we began constructing new original songs as a cohesive unit. Fossils (Evolution), Gospels (Creation). Also, the name presents 2 polarizing ideas: Science & Religion. The name has a multitude of different meanings to us, yet is still open for others to interpret for themselves
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How did the original idea for the band come up and how did you guys go about finding the members for the band?
It began with a few acoustic gigs that Mike & Curt played in town as a duo act. The performances were well received by the local audiences and created the desire to explore the sound more and to develop new material, with the inclusion of more players. Curt and Will were performing with the band T3RR3STRiAL at the time, so an invitation was extended to Will to join the band. During this time, Shannon was recording some music as a solo artist, with Curt serving as the engineer, so upon Mike’s request for a female vocalist and keyboardist, she was invited to a rehearsal as well. Martyn and Curt used to jam during their formative years, so he was later invited to begin rehearsing with the band and became the permanent percussionist in the group.

19Practice Sessions Fossils & Gospels

You guys have a pretty good layout in the basement pad, one that gives you a bit of space and doesn’t back you guys into a corner. Originally did you guys have any difficulties finding a place to practice regularly?
When we first formed, our rehearsals were happening at various members homes in mostly an acoustic format, until we began rehearsing regularly at Roswell Rehearsals, which is located in the West End of Kingston. We enjoyed that environment and we are very appreciative of the service that they provide for the community, but we eventually started rehearsing in the basement in Shannon’s new house, since it was a more suitable option for our needs; allowing us to keep our equipment in our own space, presented more options for our rehearsal times, which ultimately gave us more clarity and freedom as a band.

Practice Sessions Fossils & Gospels

How does the song writing work in Fossils & Gospels?
Since we began writing material as a group, the songs usually begin as a long free form jams, then we begin the editing process of condensing the ideas or elaborating and exploring new territories. Certain songs require a different approach to reach the finish line, whether that is taking away or adding more to the skeleton of the song. It’s a very organic process. We work as a collective and we each contribute our own ideas and leave our own individual signature(s) on the songs. We all come from pretty different musical backgrounds and each have our influences that seep into our music, so the songs really take shape once every has contributed their ideas, often resulting in a sound that is uniquely our own.

How have you found your songs have progressed in the past year, especially starting with your earlier songs?
Our song writing has evolved and the newer material features more ethereal atmospheres, including more texture and layering, and have more vulnerability. We now take a more spontaneous approach to our song writing process, exploring different formulas outside of the standard verse/chorus/verse technique. All of our songs, we feel, have their own distinct personality.

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You have a solid set of songs for an E.P laid out and there was a bit of a talk on finding a recording studio and Engineer to record the E.P, has this idea transgressed anymore since?
We are still currently weighing our options and trying to decide which studio will best suit our different needs as a band. We have decided to only include 6 songs on the EP, instead of including our entire catalog to create a full length album. We have decided that we would rather just focus on all of our newest and strongest material, which we believe would be the best representation of where we have found ourselves creatively/artistically at this time. But, the remaining older songs may also be recorded in the future.

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Now already knowing what sound that you guys are going for, how difficult will it be when the recording engineer marks you guys for a bit of a change in your sound. Will you let it happen or will the ideas be nixed?
We are certainly open to suggestions and we would welcome any input that a producer may offer, but they will only be treated as suggestions and will only be accepted if we feel that it is not in conflict with our vision and will serve/benefit the song(s).

Do you have a time or a rough idea on when you would like to have the E.P released?
Ideally, we would like to enter the studio in the Spring, with the aspirations to be able to release the Ep during the Summer months in various formats, including both digital and physical options for consumers.

Where can people find you guys on Social Media?
You can connect with us by following the links provided below.




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