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On Sunday Afternoon Rise Of Dissension invited KMR to their practice as they were preparing for their upcoming Debut album release party this coming Friday Night. I’m sure The Village of Bath is not used to getting a full on Metal Assault on their main street, but that is exactly what they got today coming from the living room of Andrew’s Living room. For me it takes quite the life dedication to have your living room setup and living around amps and speakers so your band can practice every week, and also having a full on gear practice with a full set of drums and not a electronic set that can be easily folded away.

As all the gear was being setup Darren McLean busted out these incredible drawings of the band and different logo ideas that he has come up with. He had quite a few of the band to go through and to me they were quite the sight to see, especially to the detail of having the drawing scaled to a point and having everything symmetrical within the drawing.

Just before the guys got down to practicing we set up a bit of a photo shoot to get a couple of band photos in which is something that I always wanted to do. In fact Rise Of Dissension knocked off an item on my bucket list by using my photos in their album cover. So after about an hour of taking photos in a makeshift setting they got down to practicing their set.

Am I ever glad I keep my earplugs in my camera case because I needed them today. Not only were the guitars battling each other for supremacy there was also Landon set up with a full kit and he wasn’t shy on kitting the cymbals with force. (probably didn’t help that I was set up right beside him either.)

Now I don’t want to give up too much details about their upcoming set and leave it as a surprise but they did go through a dozen or so songs with a couple of exciting covers included, one cover is on the album and second will be a surprise. Already having a working play list to go from there wasn’t too much discussion in between songs on what song should be added or taken out or even having the list switched around a bit. There was a small discussion between Andy and Doug about the guitar parts in one of the cover songs but it was quickly put to rest and the song is staying the way it is.

After about three hours of hanging around and basically getting a free concert (Which is always awesome) they guys were happy with they way they sounded and had gone and worked through all of the material that they needed to go through. Quickly the living room was stripped down of gear and the furniture that was displaced got put back into place.

Below is the a handful of videos from the practice session, along with Photos and a Interview I had with Doug and Andy just before I left. In the interview they talk about the recording process, how the songs came to be including bringing material back to life or to life after being hidden away. Also they spill a bit of the beans on what you will hear on Friday night.

Rise Of Dissension Members

Doug Smith – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Andrew Simmons – Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Landon Chatterton – Drums

Darren McLean – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals


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