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11202725_10152708199447827_6577438_o11207731_10152708199417827_169786755_o 11242168_10152708199392827_752501376_oA little while ago I got to catch up with the Beta 58’s in their practice studio as they were running down a couple of songs for their upcoming album. I first have to thank the band for having me in their studio space and especially Landon for taking the time and editing up the video with the footage that we both shot.

Here is the tricky part I don’t want to give away too much info on their upcoming full length album but I can say that they went through a couple of originals and covers. One of the originals that I got to hear was “I’m Afraid” and one of the covers which they played a couple of times so I could grab enough footage was their cover of “Take me to the bank” by The Bottle Rockets.

After playing for probably around half an hour or so they took a break and we chatted about a few of the details with their upcoming album. By this time it was only a couple of days before they headed into the studio at Pappa D’s to record. With being together now for about three years they already have their songs ready to go for the most part and just have to tighten up the songs a little bit and possibly change the endings on a couple. They are also looking into adding a few different ideas that you wouldn’t normally hear on a punk album. By the time they are finished recording and having everything mastared they are aiming to have around ten songs on the final product. Right now they are not looking or taking aim at having a certain date locked in for the album release yet they are more focused on the recording process.

Being on this media side of things I was a little surprised on their idea of releasing their music and not having a lead off single for the album. When I asked if they had an idea of a strong single the guys immediately jumped on the fact that they think all of theirs songs are equal and they are going to let their fans choose what song they like the most and then that will be their “Lead Track”.

Right now if you check out the Beta 58’s Facebook page they have released a handful of tracks from the upcoming album.

Rocko Linden – Bass/Vox
Josh Taugher – Guitar/Vox
Sean Viger – Guitar/Vox
Landon Chatterton – Drums

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