Practice Sessions With Beautiful Inferno

Beautiful Inferno Practice Sessions

Recently I had the opportunity to stand in on a Beautiful Inferno Practice session to film a few songs that they are currently working on. The last time I saw Beautiful Inferno was when they played their final show at the Mansion. People always talk about for the love of music and Beautiful Inferno has proved this statement true, During my interview with the guys they explained how they missed creating and playing music together and how they had to get the band back together again. Now living in different towns is proving a small problem in daily practices but they are still able to pull through and get together. Their practices are held in a small room in the basement of a house where a couple of the members live. Blocked in with insulation in the ceiling and a steel insulated door to keep the neighbors content.
Beautiful Inferno have played a couple of shows since they have been back together again playing local shows with a small lineup change. The addition of Matt Pena on keyboards has really added a different sound and fills in a few voids in their songs. The current lineup of Beautiful Inferno is Mike Brown (Guitar/Lead Vocals),Curt Sproule (Guitar/Noise),Andrew Tuijtel (Drums/Animal),Mike Cooper (Bass/Grooves/Backing Vocals,)Matt Pena (Keyboards/Backing Vocals). If you visit their website now you can listen to a few tunes that they currently have posted.