Practice Sessions with Clockwize Sound

You may have heard of them or you may have not but if you are traveling near downtown Kingston at pretty much any given time either day or night you may hear the sounds of Clockwize Sound practicing. I don’t think that a band could have a better spot in the world to practice in then Clockwize Sound has. They have the freedom to come and go as they please and practice at any time of the day. Also just outside of their ten by twenty practice room they have an open section of the warehouse to wind down in. At the end of their practice we found having more than enough room to play Frisbee in.

Clockwize Sound that’s right with a “Z” formed about two years ago. What I found interesting about the members of the band is the fact that none of them are actually natives of Kingston yet they are from Belleville and Nova Scotia. The members of Clockwize Sound are Josh Peck on Bass Guitar, Jack Mead on Lead Guitar and Vocals, and Jeff McKerracher on Drums.

Right from their beginning they are one in a few bands which didn’t have any problems finding shows to play, yet found themselves starting to turn down a couple of shows. I unfortunately have only witnessed one show which was their opener for The Creepshow. What is interesting about their shows is the fact that you will probably not hear the same songs each time that you see them play. On the wall inside of their rehearsal space there is a bored with numerous song titles and in the bottom right hand corner they have a retired song box, and also an idea style of box as well.

You may be thinking that two years maybe a long time for a band not to have a debut album out yet, but if you just wait a little bit longer Clockwize Sound will have their debut album out in no time. The album is all finished the recording process and they are just waiting on the finish product to come out. I would release the name of the album here but I feel that it is better for Clockwize Sound to release the title of the album on their own or (listen to the interview).