Practice Sessions with Fugitive Underground

Practice Sessions with Fugitive Underground

Fugitive Underground has been in and out of action in Kingston over the past few years. Yet for some reason until recently I never got the chance to watch Fugitive Underground play live before which did change when they played back to back shows at the Merchant Tap House and the Mansion in December. The band has also had a revolving door of musicians who have played with the band and the members have decreased since the birth of the band, now down to three members which include Ryan on lead Vocals and Guitar, Bill on Bass and Backing Vocals and BiL on Drums. I also can’t forget to mention that they have also had the Tea Party’s Jeff Burrows sit in to play drums on a couple of tracks as well. Now how many bands can say they have a Tea Party Member in their band?. Just getting over a somewhat Serious Throat Injury Ryan is now back at it and hitting as many live shows as they can. Recently they opened up for Andrew W.K who just came through Kingston.

During this practice session which I got to sit in on and get a bit of footage the guys were working on their set for their upcoming back to back shows. This was their last practice before their first show and they were still adding new ideas and movements to most of their songs. For the most part they had all of the instrumental aspects of the songs down minus a couple of timing issues which they were working on as they went through their set list.

The probably have the best set up for practicing that I have ever seen as it takes place in a private studio which has its own private drum room. Normally they play their instruments plugged in so the sounds go through in ear monitors but tonight they turned on the amps. I couldn’t believe the difference which the drum sound room made, while I was standing in the drum room I thought my ear drums were going to pop yet when I stood on the other side of the glass the volume was perfectly fine.

There was little time for joking around as they were on a tight schedule to get everything they needed to get down pat down but that still didn’t stop them from making a few instrumental leads from other songs duringĀ  a lead in or an ending including an Aerosmith drum solo. To finish off their nightly practice Ryan and Bill started to get the finishing moves down at the end of their set.

To find out a little more about Fugitive Underground and to listen to the album versions of their songs you can go to their website here!