T3RR3STRIAL Practice Sessions

T3RR3STRIAL Practice Sessions

Recently I finally caught up with T3RR3STRIAL to take in one of their practices. T3RR3STRIAL is one of the few Kingston bands who I have found have come such a long way from their humble beginnings. Their first show as An Optional Circus I actually made it out to the show but in my eyes after getting shafted with the first few opening bands really put a damper on their performance and actually forced me to leave eventually during the night and missing their debut show.  I’m to the point now wher eI can’t even remember how many of thier shows I have taken in, all i know it is at least more than five. Out of all the members I would say Matt has come the longest way so far.

There set and sound has changed quite a bit since their debut. Now playing under the new name they have gone back to a few of their “older” songs and have reworked them to sound more towards their new name by adding in a few extra effects as a special touch.

The members of T3RR3STRIAL are Matt on Lead Vocals and Keys, Andrew on Drums, Josh on Bass, Curt on Guitar and Johny on guitar.

Tonight they were tightly crammed together in a small basement furnace room in a house that is occupied by a couple of members of T3RR3STRIAL. As I have mentioned before about their sets being loud even their practice session left me with my ears ringing. Tonight they ran through about six songs for me that they have been working on and songs that they have had in their set from the start including “In the Open Air”.

Just before I got to their Jam spot the guys were already working on new material and had a few ideas ready to go for their next album. Their push for new songs always makes their sets interesting as you always get to hear new songs or a different set list every time I watch them play live, and talking about you new know what you are going to hear the last time I watched them play live they played the theme song to Terminator.

They currently have two albums out but one from An Optional Circus and one from T3RR3STRIAL titled Fickle Machine. The T3RR3STRIAL album you can pick up at any of their shows for a cheaper price then a draft beer. The Ep has four songs including my favourite “In the open air”, “Dead Technology”, “Fable”, and “Et Cetera”.