KingstonMusicReviews and Cjai921 Presents The World Premiere Reignbow Sadman

Sadman plainWith today being the release of your brand new track Sadman, how excited have you been leading up the to the release date?
It’s exciting to be able to put out a song that reflects a familiar state for an individual, a place that they’ve been at or someone they’ve encountered. I feel connected when I create a piece that many can relate to, and Sadman happened to be one of those songs. That’s what truly excites me, creating something that hits home for those who listen to the song, and making them feel like they’re not alone in this, whatever associations they might have related to the song.

How is the story behind the track lyrically speaking?
The person I sing about exists in many people I’ve encountered on my path, including myself. I’ve been the Sadman, and I sometimes I go back to that place, yet try be aware of it and not remain there for too long. Throughout my life I’ve met many people who’d reveal their dark places in a more intimate environment and it would take strength to not be sucked into their world of darkness or lose a piece of my own personality while being exposed to it. I’ve developed a great deal of strength throughout my younger years when I’d get overwhelmed with someone else’s world and eventually get stuck in it, it being a relationship or a friendship. I believe, though, it happens for a reason so we develop the strength and separate our individuality from the pain of others, helping those people who expose it onto us by giving them an example of how to deal with it.

While penning the lyrics for Sadman how did you develop the overall sound for the track and the instrumentation within the track?
This song required using as little base or synth as possible, emphasizing the many drums we used and the vocals. It worked well for this particular piece because it gave space to reveal the soul, allowing my voice to take precidence with as little distraction as possible.

As you were recording the vocals for Sadman did you discover that some of your lyrics didn’t quite fit in and change them? Or did you leave the lyrics the way they were?
This particular song was born in three stages, consisting out of two songs that merged into one. The rest of the process followed my regular routine of first jotting the lyrics down as they came to me, honing them before going into the studio, and then tweaking bits and pieces while recording.

Now you also have worked out a video for the song as well, how do you feel the video represents the song?
We’re a allied with the Military Suicide Awareness Project and the video is meant to raise awareness around the issue of 22 military veterans losing their lives each day. This video touches the topic, while leaving space for interpretation, and allowing one to connect the dots that aren’t highlighted in the story of the main characters.

Can you describe a bit about the video and anything within the back story of the video?
The video depicts one day in the life of a girl who’s waiting for her guy to come back from the military. It’s her perception of life versus what he’s going through after returning home. His reliving of the impactful events from the past creates the contrast between their experiences while highlighting similarities in what they’re going through.

You are have a show coming up on the 27th at The Mint, what should people expect at the show?
Each show has it’s own vibe yet one thing they all have in common is the place my music comes from. I strive to connect one’s soul with their body, filling the gap and making one feel like they’re not alone in their daily struggles. I expose issues I face every day as a human being such as love, heartbreak, hope, and survival, talking about reasons and ways to move on and live a more fulfilling life.

Are you nervous at all about debuting new songs at the show?
My work is deeply wired to the reasons why I do it, and it takes me far beyond the place of being nervous. My fulfillment comes from connecting to people and that surpasses the feeling of being nervous.

Where can people purchase a copy of Sadman? And also what are your Social links for everyone to follow?
Sadman will be available on iTunes first week of February, as well as Apple Music and Spotify.