KingstonMusicReviews and Cjai921 Premiere Friday AKA Ricky Dred Brand New Single Highs/Lows

Friday AKA Ricky Dred

“Highs/Lows,” the moody and hook-filled reflection on life before sobriety from Toronto rapper and street veteran Friday AKA Ricky Dred. After almost a year of silence spent working on his therapeutic blog, The Sober Emcee, Friday recently came out of a self-imposed musical retirement. “Highs/Lows” is the third single from Friday’s third LP, Nocturnal (AWOL/Urbnet), due out in early 2016.

According to Friday, “Highs/Lows” is a “love story of sorts,” an honest account of his affection for – and battle with – alcohol and the destructive lifestyle of the streets:

“I am going on six years of sobriety. Prior to that, I drank very heavily and ran to the things that destroyed me. I had arguments with my mother and with ex-girlfriends, all of whom were trying to persuade me to give up my destructive ways. The amount of money made from this life, along with the abundances that come with it, keeps a lot of people in it or, at the least, drawn to it.”

While a teenage hustler in training, Friday started a group called Southside with childhood friends Douglas “Lord Raz” Sangster and Russel “Rebel Lion” Adams. As part of the Eye Spy Crew conglomerate alongside DJ Majess, Tara Chase, and Mister Phayze, Southside shared the stage with several hip-hop legends, including Redman, Mobb Deep, and The Roots.

Following two decades of releasing singles and EPs, Friday released his first official LP, Born 2 Win, in 2013 via AWOL Records Inc. and Urbnet Records. He soon released his second LP, #Home, and retired shortly thereafter.

Friday’s 2015 Parkdale EP marked his comeback and featured production from SGRP (Studio Gigant Redeye Production). Friday has since openly and honestly tackled his past struggles with alcohol and detailed them in his inspirational blog, The Sober Emcee. Friday is also on the verge of releasing his first novel, 15 Minutes.

For more information on Friday AKA Ricky Dred, visit his social media: OFFICIAL WEBSITE  YOUTUBE | TWITTER