The Exclusive Video Premiere: Dioni “That Summer” – Single Out Tomorrow 5/19

Click The image below to watch the Video Premiere of Dioni “That Summer”dioni

Dioni Album-Cover (image only) 300 dpiDioni – Summer – associated with brilliant light, clear blue skies, balmy nights, crystal clear seas, joy, laughter, a carefree lifestyle and lingering unforgettable memories.Amidst the unsuspecting revellers lurks an insidious, sinister menace, a constant threat to which we easily and unwittingly fall prey.Skin cancer – melanoma- deadly, to which my friend succumbed.
Prevention is imperative. My friend was always careful (hats , spf 50 etc..) but who would have thought about covering up your big toe!? Regular checks especially of anything suspicious even if you aren’t in a high risk category. The memory of her once beautiful face is what i have left of that summer.

Glamour Assassin Ain’t So Young

The band includes two former members of the critically-acclaimed Boston electro-punk act Televandals, and produce eclectic tunes shaped by influences ranging from The Clash to The Killers to Arcade Fire. Produced by Joey Mascola of Taktic Audio and mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Emily Lazar, the band’s forthcoming debut album Ain’t So Young captures the band’s onstage energy and characteristically introspective lyrics.