Submit Your Music

All you aspiring artists out there, we see you. As we tend to get an overwhelming quantity of music submissions, we have decided to streamline the procedure. From this point on, all submissions shall be performed on this page.

To be able to ease the process for everybody, please adhere to these guidelines.

  • Submissions are always open.
  • Submit a maximum of ONE song Each Day. Even when you’ve got heat in the stash.
  • All entries must be Soundcloud or Youtube links.
  • Don’t submit the exact same song in the same week. Any copies will be automatically deleted.
  • No freestyles over licensed or copyrighted beats. We only accept original substance, which includes production. In addition, be certain credit your manufacturers accordingly.
  • SPAM won’t be tolerated. Any attempts at flood our system will result in disqualification and banned accounts.

Our entry period is always open, and music are selected weekly by our team of editors.